Trump assures that crime in Venezuela has dropped by 67% because of this (VIDEO)


Former President Donald Trump made statements in Michigan that intensified the controversy surrounding the immigration crisis along the United States’ southern border. Trump accused Venezuelan immigrants of being a threat to the country’s security and integrity.

According to Trump, Venezuela has reduced its crime rate by 67%, a figure not supported by independent sources.

Similarly, Trump suggested that this supposed drop in crime was due to Venezuela “emptying its prisons” and sending ex-prisoners to the United States, a claim subject to scrutiny and debate.

“In Venezuela, crime is down 67% … because they’re taking all their gangs and all their criminals and depositing them in the United States of America,” he said.

The situation at the southern border has been a subject of great tension and political debate, with the current administration facing challenges in managing an overburdened immigration system and securing adequate protections for migrants.

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