Toulouse: Facial massage, the new trend for a young and radiant face

In a world where appearance is prioritized, facial care is becoming a priority for many. A new trend is emerging on social networks. This practice promises its rejuvenation and delays the signs of aging. But amidst the media hype and expert opinions, what are the real effects of facial massage on the skin?

The living room is enveloped in silence, the sweet scent of essential oils wafting through the air. Very specific gestures and techniques are used on the client’s face. In Toulouse, Carole Ferry, facialist, has been practicing facial massage for 4 years. But what effect does facial massage have on the skin?

Facial gymnastics

Directly from the ancestral Japanese tradition widely practiced in Anglo-Saxon countries, The profession of facialist specializes in facial massage “who, through his anatomical knowledge of bones, muscles, skin and the aging process of the face, performs a morphodiagnostic and establishes a personalized facial massage protocol for his client”, explains Carol Ferry, facialist from Toulouse. A trend that “has more and more fans because it’s natural and non-invasive practices,” the facialist explains.

According to Carol, “Facial massage is much more than a simple relaxation technique. It is a technique to improve blood circulation, stimulate cell renewal, and promote the elimination of toxins. These benefits are not only reflected in the “radiation of the skin,” but the client’s Even in overall well-being.” A facialist works on all areas of the face, from the neckline to the hairline “to relax, soften features, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, oxygenate tissues, restore shape and volume, plump the skin, or even provide vitality and lasting radiance. Color “, explains Carol Ferry.

He uses several techniques to suit each facial characteristics “We have different gestures, firstly cobido, which is a natural lift, but also intra-oral massage, facial cupping, lymphatic drainage and the use of beauty tools”, declares Toulouse. Female “All these techniques are used and combined to provide a complete and personalized massage protocol, tailored to the client’s needs and expectations,” she adds.

“No miracles, but regularity”

However, there is no magic in this method. The latter is an alternative to invasive methods such as Botox which smoothes the muscle or hyaluronic acid injections which are fillers. “Facial massage, practiced very regularly as a self-massage at home, slows down the aging process of the skin and improves the appearance of the skin”, says Ana Yerno, who practices facial yoga in Toulouse. “, adds Carol Ferry.

“The first effects are visible after 6 weeks, especially in terms of skin texture, complexion radiance, sagging bags and dark circles, smooth fine lines, refreshed features,” explains Carol Ferry.

Facial massages continue to grow in popularity, spark conversations on social media and become a staple in beauty routines. Whether to relieve everyday stress or give your skin a radiant glow, Facial Expert presents a new approach to wellness, where facial care becomes a true sensory experience.

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