Top 14 – Why 19 players from the French XV will not feature on Day 15

While France will not play next weekend, 19 players from the group will not be able to play match day 15 of the Top 14 with their clubs. We explain why.

This Sunday evening, the day after a narrow win against Scotland at Murrayfield, France’s XV released a list that included 19 Blues names. The latter, who are largely Fabian Galthy’s preferred permanent officials, will not be able to play with their club next week, despite no matches being scheduled in the 6 Nations tournament. A contradiction, known as a “false duplicate”, has an explanation: the FFR – LNR convention, which sets the conditions for the provision of international players.

The French XV announced the list of 19 players secured for the second day of the Top 14 this Sunday. In this, we find Paul Baudehent and Nolan Le Garec \ud83d\udc47

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The convention, which was first created in 2013, before undergoing numerous changes over the years, aims to allow players to find a balance between club and selection to protect their physical health. While international playing time has been at the center of debate for several years, the authorities promise that the agreement will ensure the rotation of selected international players, making it possible for busy players to schedule rest time at the end of the season. “In this post-World Cup season, he ensures the best balance between the French team and the top 14 and puts the players at the center of concern by formalizing rest periods. The Director General of the National Rugby League, Emmanuel Eschellier said recently.

A contract designed to protect the health of players

Also, the same convention dictates how many players Fabian Galthy can call up to his squads, especially for high-intensity training. Number of players for 6 Nations tournament from 42 to 34, when six players are required to leave their clubs during match week. For the summer tour to Argentina, 42 talents could be selected, but would only concern players who were under-utilized during the 2024 6 Nations tournament and/or who will not be top 14 finalists.

Ahead of the Blues’ match against Italy on the third day of the 6 Nations tournament and while the players have had busy schedules for several months – despite their imposed rest after the World Cup – this week of break could get the best of executives. of France XV. On the other hand, some clubs lose some of their best players in one more weekend. This is particularly the case for Stade Toulouse (six protected players) and Union Bordeaux-Bachels (5).

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