Top 14 – The Castres Barometer – Toulon: Louis Le Brun takes care of everything, Lester Faingaanuku in grey…

Midway through Castres’ solid win against Toulon, Louis Le Brun and Tarn second row literally CO. In contrast, Lester Faingaanuku didn’t have the best evening of his career.


Louis Le Brun

Young Castres opener Tarn was the perfect facilitator in the game. Author of the kick that put Tuikuvu under pressure, Louis Le Brun knew how to alternate against a thick Toulon defence, at the root of Levan Chilachava’s first try. His overhand kick (20th minute) Knew how to threaten the RCT and provoke a further attack from Dan Biggar. In the following scrum, the young fly half took advantage of a good start to the game to slip between the poles. Despite three setbacks in the legs, Louis Le Brun undoubtedly delivered his first reference match of the year. A performance that brings hope to the castress staff.

Tom Staniforth

Australian Golgoth was once again in front of his audience. Used a lot in everyday sports, Tom Staniforth guided his teammates with his powerful advances And his destructive power with ball in hand. Author of a great success in the first period, the Australian was bravely caught by Marius Domon. All in all, Staniforth was again a beacon among his teammates.

Deny Leon

Along with the Australian tank, the odd Fijian also left his mark on this meeting. In a radically different style to his partner, Leon Nakarwa used his fabulous technique to deploy his long arm and send a pass well after contact with his teammates. One of them also made it possible to launch Staniforth into the heart of the Toulon defences.

Esteban Abadi

The Toulon third row (again) sent a message to Fabian Galthy. On his first ball, Esteban Abadi ran for forty meters and could have caused the first dangerous situation of the game. At the start of the second period, the flanker was again up with ball in hand and on the verge of sending Giuta Vainicollo to the trial.

More impressively, Olympique Castres was able to dominate Toulon. Taranais scored three tries in the game and got cover early in the second half. Castres return to the top 6, Toulon continue their second straight defeat.
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Lester Fainga’anuku

The All Black didn’t shine enough in Tarn. Set up at the heart of the Var attack, Leicester Faingaanuku was not threatening enough to disrupt the Castres defence. His powerful profile was well contained by the opposing pair of centres. In the 23rd minute, the New Zealander was too easily caught by Adria Kokagi’s strike, which led to Louis Le Brun’s try. His very dangerous pass on the half-hour mark did not allow Toulonais to settle within twenty-two meters of Castres. His cap test, however well felt, at least had the merit of re-lighting the suspense at the end of the game.

Danny Priso

We first thought the worst for the Toulon left-hander, when his leg twisted under Castres’ clearing. After being on the ground for several minutes, Danny Prisso finally stood up but despite offering several penalties to the CO himself, suffered a column in a closed scrum drill. Less impressive than usual, Toulonise finished his game no doubt thanks to the selection he received at the start of the match.

Marius Doman

Young Toulon full-back Pierre-Antoine suffered on the pitch. Despite two broken tackles, Marius Domon was guilty of several errors, including hitting the candle too short, which led to a penalty after a KO attempt was scored by Josiah Rysuke. Handled like all his teammates, Marius Dom paid to learn.

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