This ultra-popular board game is the first to integrate AI, the games are going to be tough

Fans of this legendary game spanning generations will face a whole new challenge integrating AI in this new version. We love!

Board games have the advantage of bringing the whole family together and keeping kids engaged in ways other than screens. Some board games like Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble, as well as card games such as Uno are also cross-generational. These must have games are the ones that entertained us when we were kids and today we play them with the new generation. If they are as popular in 2024 as they were when they started, it is because brands have been able to renew them and reinvent new, more modern and original versions. This is the case of the old game formerly called “Draw, It’s Win”, which integrates artificial intelligence for the first time.

Mattel has just announced the launch of Pictionary VS. AI, a fun and innovative version that invites players to use their imagination to create artificial intelligence. But like classic Pictionary®, you don’t need to be an expert at drawing.

Pictionary VS. AI ©Metal

In this new game, participants draw, and the AI ​​guesses. Players have to measure themselves against the guessing power of the artificial intelligence: the AI ​​has to guess their drawing correctly and bet on whether it will correctly guess (or not) the other players’ drawings. To make the game fun and unpredictable, it’s possible to add other features through the (free) app like these challenges that encourage players to draw blindfolded or hands-free (yes, you can hold the pen between your teeth)…

How does it work? The game requires a smartphone or tablet equipped with a camera. To start the game, all you need is a connected device to scan the QR code and launch the app. During the game, the camera then focuses on the drawings made on the slates. Artificial intelligence then combines the scanned data with computer optical recognition to analyze and predict the design. The new Pictionary costs 29.99 euros and is available in stores from the beginning of March 2024. Attention fans!

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