This Thursday, January 4 how the quote closed

After the third round of 2024, the greenback picked up momentum towards the $1,100 range. Cash with the settlement is up nearly 4% and is now trading at $1089.62. Over the past five rounds it has accumulated gains of $218.65, 25% from the 12/27 floor of $870.97.

In the case of MEP, it registered a gain of 1.7% today and reached $1,051.17. In this case, the price recovered 12.6% from the 12/27 floor of $932.59. Both quotes react to the uncertainty of President Javier Mille’s political progress with DNU 70/2024 and the deregulation bill he sent to Congress, imposing changes and liberalization in the economy.

For its part, the free dollar is closing this Thursday’s operation higher and is trading at $970 for buying and $1,020 for selling with an increase of $20 compared to the last close.

The difference between financial quotes in official dollar terms returns to the level of 30%. Meanwhile, they are also distancing themselves from the free dollar.

Analyst Christian Butler gave his view on the overheating of quotes in the dollar. What can a small saver do in this situation? Either he sees his peso losing purchasing power or he buys u$s and waits,” he said.

The Central Bank, for its part, continues to buy foreign currency and accumulate reserves with the import tap completely closed and BOPREAL tenders not opened.

Today it bought $211 million and the total reserves rose to US$23,881 million. In this way, the monetary authority will accumulate reserves, which is a key factor in spending the next few months waiting for the liquidation of the fat harvest at the end of April.

The price at Banco Nacional was adjusted to $831.50 and with these values, the cost per dollar spent in foreign currency with the card or saved dollar is $1,330.40.

The average value of the note among the system’s banks is $853,145. and wholesale dollar adjusted. For its part, the wholesale dollar rose to $811.70, up sixty cents from yesterday’s close.

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