This Red Dead Redemption 2 character’s hair gives the player hilarious sequences

Game news This Red Dead Redemption 2 character’s hair gives the player hilarious sequences


Even more than five years after its release: Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to fascinate, advance, but also make players laugh. Today, we are talking to you about an absolutely hilarious cinematic.

With its extreme realism, Red Dead Redemption 2 couldn’t ignore the hair of its main character, Arthur Morgan. Yes, in Rockstar’s blockbuster Wild West, the hero’s hair, beard and mustache grow in hours (he can even gain weight). In the camp where Arthur and his companions live, or at the hairdresser, in the town, it is enough to open the way to some imaginations of hair. Be careful though, you’ll have to wait until the cowboy hair is long enough to cut to your liking (after all, it makes sense). fortunately, For the most impatient, there is a “Protion” to remedy this.

“Is this a magic potion?”

This is the magic elixir Hair tonic, which can significantly accelerate hair and beard growth in Red Dead Redemption 2. The duration of effect may be longer For less time depending on the amount you consume, and over on YouTube, videographer “Nestan” decided to take this logic to the extreme. In a video published ten days ago He swallows Arthur Morgan 100 tonicsAnd the funniest thing about it is that it instantly triggers a cutscene!

The result is frankly hilarious, and we’ll let you see it above. When Arthur starts the cutscene with a clean skull like Agent 47 (in Hitman). He suddenly has hair and a beard that would make the group ZZ Top pale! 100 tonics literally take less than a minute to take effect, but you still have to make time to drink them all. In any case, it’s a solution if you’ve ever wanted, very quickly, a pack full of Arthur Morgan ringlets.

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