This powerful warzone weapon has the best TTK at all ranges

Ludovic Quinson

Warzone expert WhosImmortal recently showed off a weapon he believes is the best TTK of all ranges.

Warzone has so many competing weapons that it can often be difficult to decide which weapon is the best option for your class.

But recently, content creator WhosImmortal did the necessary work. After looking at the top 10 meta classes in Warzone, the YouTuber chose a machine gun that he claims is “Best TTK at all distances

The weapon that WhosImmortal tops for the best classes to use in Warzone is the Bruin Mk9.

Not only does this weapon have seriously competitive TTK numbers at all ranges, making it extremely versatile, but it “Incredibly easy to use and quite aggressive for a machine gun… bridging the gap between an assault rifle and a hybrid machine gun.“, which gives you the best of both worlds.

If you want to use this weapon in Warzone, here are the attachments you need to equip:

  • the cannon : XRK Horizon V2 23″
  • the mouth : VT-7 Spiritfire Silencer
  • Cannon Assistant : Bruin heavy support handle
  • charger : 60 round magazine
  • telescope : Koryo Eaglesea x2.5

With these attachments, WhosImmortal’s Bruen Mk9 falls somewhere between an assault rifle and a machine gun, as it has the range and maneuverability of a machine gun with the mobility and mid-range capabilities of a rifle. Assault, thanks to the 60-round magazine.

Its excellent TTK comes from its high bullet velocity and damage range numbers, which are only enhanced by the XRK Horizon V2 23″ cannon and VT-7 Spiritfire silencer.

Definitely be sure to give this class a try if you’re looking for something to dominate Warzone ahead of Season 3, which is set to change the meta with new weapons.

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