This Palworld fan recreated the game’s creatures on Minecraft, and the result is amazing to say the least!

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Due to its addictive gameplay and its sometimes unsettling similarities to Pokemon, Palworld grabbed the video game headlines in the first quarter of 2024. The title initially amassed impressive attendance records, with a peak of over 2.1 million players shortly after its release. In recent days, its buzz has slowed but Palworld remains one of the most popular games on Steam, with an average of 500,000 active adventurers.

Apparently, this notoriety didn’t fail to propel some of the “Pals” into the ranks of pop culture iconic creatures, and it only took a few weeks for experienced architects on Minecraft to start building replicas of the creatures using tiny cubes.

The most faithful pixel art

That’s why we should D3monHunt3r The first statues were erected in honor of comrades on Minecraft! The artist posted his creations on Reddit, which were immediately praised by the community of both games.

At the time of writing, the architect has limited himself to the creation of statues of three pals: Lambol, Grisbold and Tiffant. The creator explains that the construction was not that simple, as he wanted to include as much detail as possible on each animal. This is why the scale of production is so large and why each of these pixelated palls is the size of a building!

Full paldex soon?

The community quickly learned that they would love to see full Peldex in the form of statues has happened Minecraft. But if the above creatures are the easiest to reproduce, then it will be more difficult to create statues for other friends! What is certain is that if the game keeps up its pace, we should quickly be able to appreciate other pixel art samples.

And if we want to dream: on LEGO Fortnite, when will the creation of “mobile” Pals thanks to dynamic creations? We definitely expect crazy creators of this Existence Very permissive surprise us!

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