This is the perfume Monica Bellucci uses to get under Maria Callas’ skin

It has an intense and very feminine scent

Monica Bellucci is one of those actresses who has incredible sex appeal that we can all agree on. At the age of 59, the Italian has become an icon not to mention his country and the world of fashion and cinema. Therefore, it is not surprising that any information that comes close to us, such as smell, because (to be honest) we are interested.

The fact is that This We know Bellucci not only from movies, but also as the face of multiple perfume brands and we can imagine her smell. Hypnotic Poison by Dior (55.50 Euro) or for anyone Dolce and GabbanaTo say the least, but beware, because there is another perfume that we didn’t know about and that, it seems, is the favorite of the moment.

It all comes because the actress went on stage to perform Letters and Memoriesa A monologue Written from the legend’s most intimate letters Singer Maria Callas, A role with which the actress was crowned and, in addition to wearing the original Callas dress, she also One of them discovered a perfume that leaves an impression Someone gave it to her and she wore it to give life to the soprano.

Specifically, it is Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford, One of those intense, very feminine fragrances, the kind that leaves a trail, created in 2014 by the noses of Yann Wassnier, Kelis Baker, Shyamala Masondieu and Antoine Masondieu.

From the notes we received we have the following:

  • Note the output: Rum, honey, mandarin and bergamot
  • Heart notes: black orchid, orchid, jasmine, heliotrope, hyacinth, rose oil, narcissus, magnolia and orange blossom
  • Background Notes: Vanilla, myrrh, suede, sandalwood, balsam of Peru and labdanum.

A luxury perfume, which we can find in its 50 ml format. For a price of 100.95 euros.

*Some prices may have changed since last review

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