This classic Mustang was a 2005 Honda Accord. Its owner markets it as “Missouri’s most reliable Ford.”

Converted by a classic car fan in Missouri, United States Honda Accord 2005 inside 1965 MustangAnd ask now 15 thousand dollars for that Facebook Marketplace. The seller describes the car as “Missouri’s most reliable Ford” and “the most attractive Honda.”

Essentially, the car was built on the chassis and drivetrain of the 2005 Accord, which meant it was popular. K24 naturally aspirated 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine From a Japanese firm, affiliated with Automatic transmission.

While it doesn’t appear that any engine changes have been made to get more power, the spec list mentions that the car rides on four-wheel coil spring suspension and was fitted with new brake calipers and discs.

The owner does not reveal the work done on the custom body, however, it replicates the design of the original 1965 Mustang very well. Inside, things were kept somewhat the same, although the rear seats were removed and there is one. The infotainment screen, which is not original, is in the center of the dashboard. The door panels were also modified to look like a classic Mustang.

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