They warned that 80% of Hamas’ tunnel network in Gaza remains intact

The Israeli army announced that it had recently discovered a long tunnel in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, where it claimed Israeli prisoners were being held by Hamas, and today released images of the underground network it destroyed. EFE/Israeli Army

Up to 80% of Hamas’ vast tunnel network under Gaza remains intact after weeks of efforts by Israel to destroy it, US and Israeli officials revealed to the Wall Street Journal, hampering Israel’s main war aims.

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Despite intensive operations, Israel has not succeeded in destroying more than 20% of the extensive underground network in Gaza, North American media added. The network, which stretches more than 450km under the Gaza Strip, is critical to Hamas’ operations, providing secure storage for weapons and ammunition, command and control centers, as well as allowing the mobility of its fighters without coming under fire.

The difficulty in eliminating these underground tunnels has been a significant obstacle to Israel’s war goals, including capturing top Hamas leaders and rescuing Israeli hostages. Israel has used a variety of techniques in its attempt to disable the tunnels, such as planting bombs in Mediterranean waters, conducting airstrikes and using liquid explosives, as well as deploying search dogs and robots.

Complications in achieving these objectives are emphasized by the need to distinguish between combatants and civilians and the complexity of tunnel design.

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