They investigate how a man could travel from London to New York without a passport or boarding pass.

Craig Sturt, a 46-year-old man, managed to cross the ocean without a passport or boarding pass by traveling from the British capital to New York on Christmas Eve. (ROUTERS/Alishia Abodunde)

inside event An alarm has been raised about that Airport security, Craig Sturt46 years old, managed to travel from London till then NY without Passport Neither Boarding pass, taking advantage of other passengers’ distractions to infiltrate each checkpoint. incident, which occurred at the festival ChristmasOne of the busiest travel days of the year, being checked by authoritiesReported by evening standard.

This fact is not only surprising because of the date it occurred It was also supposed to be infallible because of the elaborate security system In one of the most important airports in the world, Heathrow Airport No London.

Sturt In avoided standard security procedures Terminal 5 No HeathrowOther passengers followed too closely to go undetected through automatic doors that required presentation of ID. Boarding passAs detailed The sun. This technique of “hiding” behind others allows it to bypass multiple security and control checks. Passport Without needing to show any documents.

Sturt was able to bypass security protocols at Heathrow Terminal 5 through a trick that involved tailgating other travelers, allowing him to pass through the automated gates without needing to present his documents. (ROUTERS/Alishia Abodunde)

He event was not discovered until Sturt arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport in NYWhere the American authorities They discovered their lack of identity. Only then was the protocol initiated. SecurityReturned to it immediately United Kingdomwhere he was arrested and charged on suspicion Fraud And Offenses against aviation security.

He Home office British, when consulted by Business InsiderDeclined to comment, query redirected to London Metropolitan Police. However, a close source said evening standard that this event represents “Great shameFor border officials United Kingdom and for British AirwaysAdding: “It is chilling to think what would have happened if a terrorist had managed to board an unidentified flight.

Airline British Airways And Heathrow Airport Claimed to cooperate with authorities In investigating the case. “All persons entering the restricted area of ​​the airport are subject to security controls. SecurityIncluding the person involved in this case,” said a spokesperson for HeathrowEmphasizes compliance with procedures Security in force

John F. in New York in the United States. The theft was not discovered until the man arrived at Kennedy International Airport. (REUTERS/Maja Smiejkowska)

ability to do Sturt to wise up Security It has fueled debate about the effectiveness of controls at airports, calling for a full review. no brother Sturt, Lee SmithHe confessed The sun His surprise at the news, pointing out that if it was possible for someone with a “troubled past” to evade security, then Presumably anyone with “sinister motives” could do the same.

This random development highlights the need to strengthen security protocols. Security in International Airport, discussing the balance between efficiency and vulnerability of passenger transport against potential hazards. The international community remains alert to the conclusions and actions to be taken as a result of the ongoing investigation.

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