These three mushrooms are particularly killer

Over the past ten years, deaths from fungal infections have doubled worldwide. As a reminder, fungal infections are caused by fungi. According to experts quoted by The Sun, resistance to antifungals and the inability of doctors to recognize the signs of these diseases in time are behind the increase in the number of deaths.

Indeed, fungal infections account for about 6.8% of deaths worldwide – affecting 3.8 million people. In total, 19 fungal pathogens “A threat to humanity

Although the diagnosis of fungal diseases has improved significantly over the past ten to fifteen years, access to and actual use of these tests remains limited—and not just in low-income countries. Many of these people die because their doctors don’t recognize that they have a fungal infection—or because they recognize it too late.“, summarizes infectious diseases specialist Professor David Denning. These infections threaten the health of the most vulnerable people in particular.

respiratory infection

Who are the most dangerous mushrooms? Professor Denning lists candida, aspergillus and black fungus among the biggest killers. And to finish: “They surround us and live in our guts and on our skin

As Surya reminds us, Candida lives in the human skin and gut. Normally harmless, it can cause infection when it starts to multiply. “If it passes through the intestinal wall and reaches the bloodstream, it can cause sepsis, a potentially fatal reaction to infection.“, warns the website.

The second, Aspergillus, is a fungus found in mold form. The latter can cause respiratory infections. Finally, black fungus is a rare but dangerous infection caused by inhaling mold spores.

Video – Sepsis: What are the symptoms of this bacterial infection?

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