These symptoms are characteristic of a bipolar person

Bipolar disorder or manic-depressive psychosis is a serious mental illness.

Earlier, Mu Saint-Anne Hospital, we had a majority of schizophrenic patients. Today, most of the patients we encounter suffer from bipolar disorder. More and more people are affected This disorder is also called “manic-depressive psychosis,” with no real explanation for us.” The psychologist admits Nathalie Lord. Classified by “a replacement dManic attack and D’Depressive attackIt could be Related to geneticsExcessive consumption of drugs or alcohol.

Symptoms of a Manic Attack

  • Excitement, restlessness;
  • Verbal logoria: A profuse flow of words delivered rapidly;
  • Volubility: The person talks a lot, very quickly and with ease;
  • Euphoric mood: the patient sees life in rosy colors;
  • excessive behavior;
  • Flight of Thoughts: Random Thoughts;
  • rain;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • Hyperactivity.

Contrary to popular belief, mania is not part of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). “Maniac in the psychological sense of the word here defines a manic person, showing agitation and overwhelming enthusiasm. One hypothesis is that a manic attack is a phase of depression. concretely “A bipolar person who has severe insomnia may not be tired. Others may Wakes up at night wanting to climb Everest, even though she’s 50 and has never played sports of his life. He can go as far as getting equipment and spending his monthly salary in a day.”

Symptoms of a depressive attack

During a depressive attack, various symptoms are characteristic of bipolar disorder:

  • feelings of incompetence;
  • Insomnia, sleep disorders;
  • distorted worldview;
  • somatic symptoms;
  • Appetite disorders, digestive symptoms;
  • decreased libido;
  • feelings of inferiority and self-blame;
  • difficulty in thinking, taking action;
  • Difficulty getting up in the morning;
  • High anxiety levels, with a dark outlook on life;
  • Suicide risk.

“These signs are identified by a psychologist or psychiatrist because they can be expressed differently” Nathalie Seigneur is concerned.

The patient does not know that he is not in his normal state

“In bipolar disorder, the symptoms are those of psychosis, in which there is a change in the link with reality, whether during a manic attack or a depressive attack. In all cases, the patient does not know that he is not in his normal state. presents a refusal Total of these distortions. Between the two stages, one can have a fully adapted approach to reality.” Manic-depressive psychosis requires Neuroleptic treatment (or antipsychotic) during or through a manic phase Antidepressants In the depressive phase to cope with the symptoms. Without treatment, manic-depressive attacks develop within 6 months. “With neuroleptic treatment, improvement is possible in about a month. Consultation with a psychiatrist or psychologist completes the medicinal treatment of bipolar disorder. Sometimes, the patient must be placed under guardianship. In addition, if the risk of suicide is significant, the symptoms increase. Wide and individual Alone, compulsory hospitalization is necessary to save them. The psychologist concludes.

Thanks to Nathalie Seigneur, Psychologist.

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