“The world of video games is currently a disaster”, with layoffs, some figures in the industry no longer believe in the future

Game news “The world of video games is currently a disaster”, with layoffs, some figures in the industry no longer believe in the future


The video game industry has been doing poorly and has been experiencing a wave of cancellations and mass layoffs for several months. A tough time to live for many, including this famous actor who saw three of his projects pass within a few days.

The world of video games is in crisis

As we know, the video game industry is going through a major crisis as reflected in the significant wave of mass layoffs that began last year. Last January, the layoffs during the month represented about 60% of the total layoffs for 2023. The year started off a nightmare, as major companies like Microsoft, Riot Games, Unity, Twitch and Sega announced thousands of layoffs. In total, more than 6,000 people have lost their jobs by 2024. A terrible crisis, which leads to the cancellation of numerous projects. A situation that greatly affects actor Elias Toufexis.

A message from a delusional actor

One of the latest heartbreaking announcements so far is Embracer Group’s decision to lay off employees from Eidos Montreal. layoffs that led to the cancellation of the new Deus Ex game. A devastating announcement for many, including Elias Toufexis, a renowned voice actor who lent his voice to its protagonist, Adam Jensen. Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The actor expressed his disappointment on Twitter/X.

Deus Ex has been cancelled. That other huge game I played and directed was canceled and the third game I played and directed was remade and now starting from scratch with a whole new team. The video game world is currently a disaster.

Shortly after posting this message with frustration and disappointment, the actor wanted to reassure his followers that he is healthy and has “several projects under his belt”. However, he ends by saying that “sports is in a weird place right now” and we can only agree.

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