The World Celebrates World Spaghetti Day: And Cuba?

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Text: Editorial Cuba Noticias 360

It has already become common to dedicate a day to celebrate anything, even events that seem unusual to us. Spaghetti did not escape this practice, so much so that today, December 4, is a day to celebrate this delicious pasta.

It is not known for sure why spaghetti celebrates its day today, but the truth is that lovers of Italian food rejoice on this date.

On the other hand, the origin of the holiday was born in the United States, although there are not many details about it. It is only known that there is a large consumption of this dish in that country, probably due to the large number of Italian immigrants who have settled throughout the country.

The fact is that while international diners celebrate spaghetti accordingly, that is, by binging, there are not many in Cuba who would be able to celebrate the date even if it had the spirit and purpose.

Spaghetti is already a part of the disappearing products in the basic basket and its prices skyrocket like the rest of the products in private businesses or MSMEs. Instead, the state sells them to depressed MLC stores where there is usually no shortage of them on the shelves for around 2 mlc depending on their quantity and brand.

A few years ago, spaghetti was a fairly cheap food in Cuba, but with economic measures implemented during regulation, it was removed from the table of ordinary citizens.

In private restaurants, as expected, it is sold at luxury prices in its most diverse variants. This plate of pasta easily clears the 1000 pesos and counting barrier.

In other words, not to mention on the island that the spaghetti festival is celebrated today because it would be something like a “food diversion”, in addition, there can always be enthusiasts who, taking advantage of the celebration, want to increase the price. About the food in question, because, as you know, everything is in the vineyard of God.

For the rest, it’s best to wish bon appetit to international (and national) foodies as they join the festivities and fill their bodies with the good number of calories these foods provide. In any case, no one knows if in the future Cuba may also celebrate the feast as commanded by the Spaghetti God. Of course, if by then, the pocket allows it.


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