The week in video: 11-year-old girl killed in Texas and maggots on passengers mid-flight

Additionally, in New York, a court opened a trial against former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, accused of turning the country into a “narco state”.

Here we show you these and other news that have grabbed the attention of our audience in recent days.

1. The disappearance and murder of Audrey Cunningham in Texas

After nearly six days of intensive searching, authorities and relatives confirmed the discovery of the lifeless body of 11-year-old Audrey Cunningham last Tuesday. Agents and special teams arrive at one of the search areas guided by clues in the case.

They confirm the discovery of the body of missing 11-year-old girl Audrey Cunningham in Texas.

2. Cities with the most affordable prices for buying a home

space RealtyHope Examines the current real estate market in the United States and highlights cities in which a middle-class family may want to purchase a home at an affordable price.

In this video we show you a part of the list:

Are you looking for your own home? These are the cities with the most affordable prices

3. The terrifying discovery of the house after the evacuation

Relatives of some of the dead who requested funeral services from Miles Hartford, 33, fear they may have received other people’s ashes. The man had several furnaces and bodies on the property he rented.

Known about this case:

A corpse and 30 cremated remains: The gruesome discovery of a house after an evacuation

4. Keys to the Trial of Juan Orlando Hernandez

The keys to the trial against him are:

President “Bribed by El Chapo”: Keys to the Trial of Juan Orlando Hernandez

5. Agricultural workers in California can receive up to $4,500

Due to the devastation caused by the rain in California, the UFW Foundation created the ‘STORM’ program, an initiative that seeks to financially assist agricultural workers affected by severe weather.

Here we explain how you can access these funds:

Farm workers in California can receive up to $4,500 if they are affected by rain

6. Bugs fall on passengers on Delta Airlines flights

Passengers on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit experienced moments of panic after worms started falling out of a compartment. The crew found a rotten fish wrapped in newspaper.

In this video we tell you the details of what happened:

Bugs fall on passengers on Delta Airlines flights

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