The US defense secretary was admitted to the intensive care unit for an “urgent problem”.

The US Secretary of Defense was admitted to the intensive care unit for an “urgent problem” (REUTERS/FILE)

Secretary of United States Defense, Lloyd AustinWho fights against it Prostate cancerOne was admitted to the intensive care unit after being hospitalized.Urgent bladder problem“, reported on Sunday The Pentagon.

“Tonight, after a series of tests and evaluations, the secretary was admitted to the intensive care unit. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for supportive care and close monitoring,” the statement said.

Undersecretary of Rescue, Kathleen Hicksassumed tasks and duties“Just before 5:00 pm (22:00 GMT), a spokesman for The Pentagon, Pat RyderAnd added that the The White House Hospitalization was reported.

To Austin was diagnosed Prostate cancer And the operation was done recently.

Deputy Secretary of Defense, Kathleen Hicks (REUTERS/FILE)

Defense Secretary He disappeared from public view in late December and early January after suffering complications from cancer treatment, initially hiding both the diagnosis and the treatment from the President. Joe Biden And the rest of the government.

On this occasion, The public was alerted about two hours after Austin was rushed to the hospital.Sunday afternoon.

Austin was transferred by him Safety equipment In the medical center “for treatment Symptoms that indicate an emerging bladder problem“, he indicated Ryder In the statement.

Earlier Ryder said Austin was maintaining “the functions and responsibilities of his position” but hours later he indicated that Hicks will hold office.

Defense Secretary He apologized earlier this month after being heavily criticized for keeping his previous hospitalization a secret.

I should have informed the president of my cancer diagnosis.” he told reporters on February 1.

Lloyd Austin is also a key figure in the Biden administration’s efforts to maintain support for Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression (REUTERS/FILE)

At the time, he said he was still recovering, his leg was hurting and he was using a golf cart to get around. The Pentagon.

Unexplained absences, as well as current hospital staysAt a time when USA In faces a spiral of crisis Middle Eastwith American forces Iraq And Syria Facing almost daily attacks from fighters supported by Iran In return for Washington’s strong support for Israel.

A senior American official It is also main figure In the efforts of The Biden administration To maintain support for the fight Ukraine Against Russian aggression, while Republican members of Congress refuse to authorize new funding for military aid Kiev.

Some Republican legislators For the dismissal of said earlier AustinBut BidenHowever, he regrets the chief’s error of judgement The Pentagonsaid he continues to trust his defense secretary.

AustinAn imposing presence at over 6 feet tall, he is a very private person who avoids the media spotlight, which, he said, influenced his decision to keep his cancer diagnosis a secret.

But he admitted that “Taking this type of job means losing some of the privacy most of us have come to expect.

“The American people have a right to know if their leaders are facing health problems that could affect their ability to perform their duties, even temporarily,” he added.


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