The Tifo Bougheraba affair causes a stir at the Marseille club

The deployment of a tifo bearing the image of Marseille comedian Redoune Bougheraba in the singing stand at the Velodrome stadium before the start of the OM-PSG Classic raised many questions and above all tension and anger within the club, especially with president Pablo Longoria.

OM itself has discovered a new controversy. As if this 11 vs 10 defeat, with PSG able to find themselves in numerical superiority in two deadly counter-attacks, wasn’t enough of an annoyance, in a club that was already crippled by a mess of physical problems, with the latest injury to date. , Chancel Mbemba K.

Beyond the worries caused by Sunday’s second consecutive Ligue 1 defeat against Paris Saint-Germain (0-2), it’s now a matter of Tifo! Supporters, observers and even the leaders of the club, many did not understand how this tifo, honoring the comedian Redoune Bouguereba carrying the Champions League, could find himself in the middle of the stands.

Displayed in front of cameras all over the world, and in front of somewhat bemused (tele)viewers, who sometimes had great difficulty understanding the meaning of these tifos, it was Redouane Bogheraba. A personality admired by many residents of Marseille, the comedian thanks to his presence on tifo of a commercial nature, prepared with the participation of the winners of the South, to remind us that he will be the “first ever” comedian to perform at the Velodrome. Stadium (next June).

Champions League, March 31, 2024 OM's Tifo to Chamber PSG
OM squad to beat PSG in Champions League March 31, 2024 © Prime Video

There was a lot of reaction due to this typhoon. On social networks or in the stands, many supporters complained that a marketing stunt is occupying the stands in a moment as important and symbolic as the players’ entry before OM-PSG.

Other enthusiasts, from the day four years after Pape Diouf’s death, did not fail to show a certain lack of taste. And when Eric Garretts was in the velodrome, those in the stadium like to honor those who wrote OM’s illustrious history. Were there no other personalities to highlight this very special evening? The question arises internally, where anger follows the incomprehensible, and creates some turmoil.

Lack of respect for the club’s history, according to Pablo Longoria

According to our information, many club leaders were not aware of this initiative, which had been in preparation for several weeks. OM president Pablo Longoria has even admitted that he was shocked and very upset that he was not consulted or informed that such tifos, in the middle of the Ganay stands, were being prepared, with commercial intent.

OM Management is currently investigating to find out how the club was able to validate this project. Pablo Longoria informed his teams that he felt this was a lack of respect for the club’s history and that the episode reflected a lack of seriousness and professionalism within the Olympian organization. OM didn’t like this mix of styles, an evening that should be dedicated to football only.

There was no problem spotting the tifos that made the north or south turns at the last moment, in contrast, the velodrome is unique in this area. Being presented with Fat Compli with a commercial typho in the middle of the Ganay stand, OM without actually knowing who gave the green light, was even more upsetting for the club’s management, who were very upset. This Tifo will at least succeed in its primary mission: to get people talking… and giddy.

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