The story of how he was killed by cannibals

Surrounded by Natives of Michael Asmat (Peabody Museum of Ethnography and Anthropology)

For many years in Argentina, Rockefeller was synonymous with wealth. During the 60’s and 70’s, when faced with something too expensive to make or something that couldn’t be bought, this phrase always worked: Who do you think I am, Rockefeller?

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That 11-letter German surname symbolized an entire dynasty of conquerors in the world capitalist system. The story of immigrants who became self-made men upon their arrival in the United States.

A symbol of capitalism
The family has extensive roots in New York. Nelson was the governor and David was one of the city’s most important businessmen. One of his mansions was donated to create the now world-famous MoMA museum.

But every millionaire family has a rebellious member. Trying to get out of the family DNA of money makers. In this case, it was Nelson’s son, Michael Rockefeller, who died mysteriously on a remote island near Australia.

Michael, known to everyone as Mike, was a young photographer seeking adventures in contact with the indigenous cultures of the Americas, Africa and Oceania. Unlike his family, he was not interested in power and money. He tried to distance himself as much as possible from the comforts that the Rockefellers enjoyed in the capitalist system.

Mike Rockefeller’s Last Ride

In 1961, Mike Rockefeller stayed at Asmat. In the Forgotten Territory of New Guinea. In the pictures, before the end he had blonde hair, stubble and was surrounded by half-naked women and men from the Guinean tribe who danced around him laughing. A young man, despite his surname. He was as far away as possible from New York, from Wall Street, and from the steady stream of money his family made in banking or the oil business.

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