The stolen footage shows the iconic game location

The filming of season 2 of The Last of Us has started in British Columbia. Images leaked online show that the town of Jackson was completely recreated for the occasion. So it’s likely we’ll be lingering on that, especially since the second act might stage an abandoned level.

Filming The Last of Us Season 2 Filming The Last of Us Season 2

The first season of The Last of Us was a critical and commercial success. So the second act is highly anticipated, especially since it will adapt the plot of No The Last of Us Part II, An Opus is also highly appreciated by the players. After a delay due to the writers and actors’ strike, the shooting of the film has just begun.

Still assembled in Canada, the team set up shop in British Columbia. And as the many stolen photos attest, the city of Jackson was completely rebuilt for the occasion. As a reminder, the latter was reproduced in Canmore, Alberta in the first season. Does the production no longer have authorization to film in this city? Did she choose to recreate the more ambitious Jackson setting that will be featured more in Season 2? The Last of Us ?

The Last of Us: Jackson will be at the heart of Season 2

What is certain is that the main characters will logically spend more time there. As a reminder (spoiler alert), Joel and Ellie take refuge there at the end of the first act after the blood pool in the hospital. In this way they will try to spend happy days despite the threat of cordyceps and the sword of Damocles that hovers over the character played by Pedro Pascal.

The beginning of The Last of Us Part II (source material for season 2) takes place in Jackson and particularly shows Ellie’s new friends and tensions with Joel. In addition to these sequences already known by players, the series may also feature elements of abandoned levels (which we can find in the PS5 remaster. The Last of Us 2).

“To give you a taste, I’d say there’s at least one item from the abandoned levels that will be included in the series”, especially teased the showrunner. And one of those levels develops during the party in Jackson. As you might have guessed, the city will benefit from significant screen time. While Jackson may also have specially conceived sequences for the series on the menu, the showrunners aren’t shy about taking liberties with the source material.

As a reminder, of Season 2 The Last of Us Will not be released before 2025.

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