The next update of your smartphone will be the most important in its history

This expert is clear: the next update of your smartphone will be the most important in its history

While smartphone updates are common, the next update coming this summer could change the way you use your device.

Major smartphone manufacturers continue to keep their products up to date. Whether it is to fix security vulnerabilities or add new features, smartphone updates are usually very important to install. This also ensures that you always have the best performance of your mobile for any bug resolution.

However, the upcoming update for iPhones could be a milestone. In any case, this is the rumor that has been circulating the internet for several weeks. While this kind of information should normally be taken with a pinch of salt, the rumor gained some momentum a few days ago thanks to an expert reporter.

It was Mark Gurman, an Apple expert at the very famous Bloomberg site, who announced it: “The next iPhone update will be the biggest in Apple’s history.” A statement as mysterious as it is surprising because it didn’t benefit from further explanation, except that the reporter discussed it internally with some Apple employees.

For many analysts, iOS 18 (coming in summer 2024) will focus on artificial intelligence. This will allow iPhone users to get many AI-based features. As a reminder, many manufacturers like Google or Samsung have opted for AI for their high-end smartphones, offering all kinds of new options for users.

Among the examples of AI-based features that could well come to the iPhone, we will especially remember the improvement of photos. Hence the phone can offer to move your subject on the photo, remove unwanted objects or enlarge the scene of your photograph based on artificial intelligence.

However, we will have to wait a little longer to know the exact content of iOS 18. If Apple sticks to its habits, the firm should unveil this new update in the early summer of 2024. Its release to general public will be scheduled later. Next September and for the release of the new iPhone 16.

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