The Monegasques go back and forth, Dante excluded

Red card for Dante!

After seeing the images, the referee did not hesitate for long and brought out a red for the Nice captain. Hard blow for Aiglons just after ASM’s second goal. It looks harsh on Dante, who took the ball early and only touched Minamino after his tackle in the run-up.

A referee will go and review the images

Dante may be punished for his step on Minamino. It was unknown, but it gave the Japanese a good kick.

Minamino on the ground

He collides with Dante, who gives him a good kick in continuation of his tackle. Things are heating up between the Monegasques and the Nicois, while the Japanese stay on the ground.

Zachariah concludes with a head!

Monaco is going back and forth! What a launch! While Minamino serves on the right, Zakaria runs down the middle. The Japanese put a ball on his head. The Swiss have to launch and arrive only to score a double. 2-1 for ASM!

A nice deputy called to order

He went to the other side of the field in the first half to instruct the players on the right and interact with the OGC Nice bench. The representatives called him to order, it is prohibited.

Here we go again on the Allianz Riviera!

The second half will begin with OGC Nice.

A particularly long half-time

The game is stopped for 17 minutes and the Monegasques are just coming out of the locker room.

It’s a break in Nice!

End of an exciting first term. AS Monaco opened the scoring with a superb long-range strike from Zakaria, before OGC Nice equalized from the penalty spot after a foul by Kherar. Aglons, then, could have taken advantage, but we stay at 1-1.

Mars in the surface of Monegasque!

2-0 was very close! After Kehrer’s mistake, Goosend recovers and is able to challenge Cohn. The German goalkeeper intervenes, then the ball is not cleared but Nice do not capitalize.

Golovin warned

He arrived late for Baudoui. He will be suspended for the next AS Monaco match.

Lots of technical inaccuracies

While Monegasques can benefit from some positions, they don’t always make the right gestures.

Ben Yedder looks deep for Golovin

The pass is well attempted but a bit strong and impossible for the Russian to control. Generally speaking, these quick Monegasque attacks are always outnumbered.

Don’t labor and equalize!

Nice pick up! Gaetan Laborde opened his left leg and wrong-footed Cohn. Now 1-1 and it makes sense, Nicoise has responded well since Monaco opened the scoring.

Fine for Nice!

Luchet has made a difference! His call behind the defense was perfect, Dante’s pass was also perfect. Kehrer is caught and fouled in the area. Penalty and yellow card for the German defender.

Yellow card for Lotomba

The first card of the match. Nicois gave Ben Yedder a potential counterattack. logical warning.

New Con Parade!

Sanson takes the ball perfectly outside his leg, flat-footed flush with the post. Cohn is alert and too quick to fold, pushing him back to a corner.

Monaco defend very little

The very high pressure at the start of the match disappeared a few minutes ago. It is difficult to know whether it is linked to a decline in physical fitness or a strategic choice after the initial goal.

The rhythm slows down slightly

After 10 very intense minutes, both teams probably needed a breather. Possession remains in Nice.

Minamino on the surface!

After mixing up the Nice defense, the ball reaches Minamino. The Japanese are jostled but recover and Bulka relaxes too much to overcome the fear. Minamino calls for a penalty, but the referee says nothing.

Cohen’s Stop!

Boudoui found Gussend quite well in the open. The Nice striker managed to hit in a difficult position, but Kohn rested well and caught the ball which should not have been released.


After a great job from Laborde in contact with the Monegasques, Boudaoui can cross but it is blocked. At the bottom corner, Dante can resume in a delicate position, but he is up. A great response from the opening score.

Shake your head!

Nice were not far from reacting after the opening score. On a nice launch into the area, Sanso is found and tries to open his head, but it’s not on target.

What an exceptional goal from Zakaria!

It’s a missile! From outside the area, Denis Zakaria sends a stunning shot with his right foot. It goes straight into the top corner to Balka, who can’t do anything. 1-0 to AS Monaco!

Another strike from Laborde

This is countered by the Monegasque defence. For the moment, there is no clear opportunity in this meeting yet.

Todibo intervenes three times

Launched deep in front of Golovin, then twice at the feet of Minamino.

Foul by Goossend on Jacobs

Nice have slightly more of the ball than Monaco at the moment.

Labor strike

It is the first of the match. Laborde met Todibo’s long ball, but his effort flew wide.

Monaco puts a lot of intensity

Rapid recovery launch, very high pressure, Adi Hutter’s men display their ambition.

Nice gesture from Fofana!

On the right, the Monegasque midfielder gets rid of two players marking and then finds Minamino. A great defense is to overcome fear.

Let’s go to the Allianz Riviera!

Kick-off is given by AS Monaco on the lawn of rivals Nice.

Kick-off imminent

An opportunity to recall compositions.

Composition of Nice: Bulka – Lotomba, Todibo, Dante, Bard – Ndayashimiye, Baudoui, Sanson – Gussen, Laborde, Lochet.

Formation of Monaco: Kohn – Kehrer, Maripan, Salisu – Jacobs, Zakaria, Fofana, Kamara – Golovin, Minamino, Ben Yedder.

Monaco in comfort at the Allianz Riviera

ASM have not lost any of their last four matches on the Nice pitch, and have won twice since 2020.

Ben Yedder in good motion

The Monegasque captain has scored 5 goals in his last 4 matches. It didn’t allow Monaco to take all the points every time, but it did the job and will be the main threat of the evening.

A very clear banner of Monegasque supporters

417 Monegasques will line the Allianz Riviera parking lot this evening… with a clear message on a banner in the stands: “Get off your ass”.

A banner in a Monaco parking lot before the Riviera derby, February 11, 2024
A Monaco parking lot banner before the Riviera derby, February 11, 2024 © RMC Sport

Nice still undefeated at home

In 10 matches at Allianz Riviera in Ligue 1 this season, Nicois are unbeaten and have also won their last 7 outings. Monaco has been warned.

Thuram on Nice bench

Composition of Nice: Bulka – Lotomba, Todibo, Dante, Bard – Ndayashimiye, Baudoui, Sanson – Gussen, Laborde, Lochet.

Monaco with Ben Yedder and Minamino, Balogun on the bench

Absent during the last meetings, Folarin Balogun returned to the bench. In attack, Adi Hutter leads Wissam Ben Yedder and Takumi Minamino.

Formation of Monaco: Kohn – Kehrer, Maripan, Salisu – Jacobs, Zakaria, Fofana, Kamara – Golovin, Minamino, Ben Yedder.

Kick-off at 8:45 pm.

It’s a shock weekend in Ligue 1, among the podium candidates. OGC Nice (2nd) host AS Monaco (5th). Aeglons can distance themselves from their rivals for European places, while ASM can return to the podium. 8:45pm kick-off at Allianz Riviera for the Cote d’Azur derby.

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