The Mbappé clan’s immense secret anger against PSG

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If the situation seems to have returned to normal with Kylian Mbappé at PSG today, even if it does not prevent the trend that will clearly begin at the end of his contract in a few months, things have become very complicated in recent months. Indeed, a real obstacle arose for a few weeks in the summer when PSG decided to sack Mbappé for refusing to activate the option for an extension until 2025.

Wilfried Mbappé had to control his anger

If Mbappé finally returned to the field, apparently agreeing to a juicy bonus, his clan hardly held his grudge. In a documentary dedicated to Kylian Mbappé and broadcast this Monday evening on the L’Equipe channel, Christian Jean-Pierre, a journalist close to the Mbappé dynasty, reveals how Wilfried Mbappé had to take a lot on himself to open up to the public. “Anger? Oh yes. There was something. It was hard there. I don’t think he lost his temper. I think in his head, to know “Will” better, he’s a pressure cooker and he wants to plaster everybody. was, but he didn’t do it. He didn’t go crazy at all, there was a reason for it to happen. There were false statements made by very high-level people. Totally false statements. And in this case all you have to do is go out, call the team and say “Wait guys, we’re talking nonsense about my son” and he didn’t. And I appreciate this cuff and it’s necessary. »

In sum

The Mbappé clan has experienced a difficult time recently due to tensions with PSG. Although the situation seems to have calmed down, the refusal to activate the extension option led to a standoff in the summer. Despite Mbappé’s return to the field, a documentary on Kylian, aired on L’Équipe, reveals the repressed anger of his father, Wilfried Mbappé.

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