“The Loser Queue Doesn’t Exist” developers want to put an end to this debate that has plagued the community once and for all.

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A League of Legends player usually lacks imagination when it comes to justifying defeat in a ranked game… The alliance excuse doesn’t fool anyone anymore, but blaming your teammates for misfortune is still very common. Researched further, some prefer to talk about algorithms and “Loser Queues”… a system that will be developed by Riot Games to “force” players to lose, especially during long losing streaks. This is intended to encourage commitment by reinforcing the feeling of reward while stimulating a specific addiction. Even the most convincing of their sentiments cite more or less up-to-date figures.

Despite all the community’s demonstrations, its existence has never really been proven. A Riot Games employee wanted to end this debate once and for all.

“We don’t intentionally put bad players on your team”

For years now, part of the community has been convinced that loser queues are a reality, that Riot Games is deliberately preventing certain players from joining. Matt “Riot Froxzone” Leung-Harrison, lead gameplay designer for League of Legends, wanted to give his perspective on the matter. for that, This is a simple myth created by players to find excuses when they can’t climb.

The loser queue does not exist

We don’t intentionally put bad players in your team so that you lose more.

(Even if we start with this theory, don’t we want to give you good players so you stop losing?)

For ranking, we match you with your ranking and that’s it. If you’ve won a lot and start losing, it’s because you’re playing against better players and you’re not at that level anymore. It’s not because we assigned you all the “inters” and put all the Smurfs on the enemy team.

For 99.9% of people reading this, if you think you’re “playing perfect” and post a screenshot with the rest of your team with a good KDA, I promise you that if any good player reviews your games, there will be hundreds. . Things you could have done differently that could have changed the course of the game.

Of course there are matches where your teammates play poorly, that’s just the nature of 5v5 matches. In the long run the only common factor and the only one responsible for your ranking is you. If you take an “unwinnable” match and replay it with any challenger in your place, it will result in a win.

A good attitude of not giving up, a growth mindset, investing in a good coach/taking advice from reputable people will help you improve your relationship with the game. There are 5 players that can potentially leave on the enemy team and only 4 players. Do not increase your number to 5.

I mainly wanted to post this because by helping people debug their accounts, there are so many people who legitimately believe they’ve been put in the loser queue that it drives me crazy.

Matt Leung-Harrison

As he points out, the only thing all our parts have in common is us. In short, we wear blinders with respect to our true expertise, and Our problems are linked to our state of mind – the lack of mindset – and the perception we have of our peers.

The community is still skeptical

Apparently, this statement caused a lot of noise, and did not succeed in persuading all members of the community. For many, matchmaking is still a problem, and developers’ arguments don’t provide real clarity for specific situations.

  • “That’s what you’d say if it existed.”
  • “I agree with the concept but then why when I check my team on, I see myself with allies with a 65% win rate against opponents with a 30% win rate.”
  • “I don’t think so. It’s in your best interest to push people away from their true queue, because it means we’ll play more games. There are too many data points for this post to point to the existence of a loser queue. Unless we look at the algorithms It means literally nothing.”

Finally, Few follow the explanations of the developers, and want to get real evidence. Many people don’t understand how they can end up with partners with a negative win rate, when on the other hand, they are mostly positive.

One thing is certain, the debates surrounding the existence of the Loser queue are not ready to stop. And you, do you think it exists, or is it just a myth?

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