The first pictures of the film have been leaked

We often forget it, but a major Minecraft movie is in the works. An adaptation that may confuse you, but which already reveals its ambitions through some images.

The Minecraft movie, scheduled for a theatrical release on April 4, 2025, promises to be a grand adventure for fans of the famous video game. After a long period of development marked by many changes of directors and screenwriters. The project is finally set to come to life under the direction of Jared Hess. With the script complete and production set to begin in spring 2024.

Some images and hints for the Minecraft movie

The cast of the Minecraft movie brings along some iconic names, with Jason Momoa and Matt Berry confirmed for unspecified roles. Their partnership was announced in April 2022 and May 2023 respectively. Raising curiosity about the characters they could play, including speculation that Momoa could play Steve, the video game’s male protagonist. Other talented actors join them, such as Daniel Brooks, Sebastian Eugene Henson, Emma Myers, Jack Black, Jennifer Coolidge, Kate McKinnon and Jemaine Clement. However, his role has not been revealed yet.

One thing’s for sure, staying true to the unique aesthetic of the video game Minecraft is a clear priority for the film’s creators. Photos of the set leaked online show trees faithfully replicating the game’s typical cube shape. These images give a glimpse of the developers’ commitment to reproduce the world of Minecraft with authenticity. This cautious approach bodes well for viewers. A cue for an immersive visual experience that respects the game world. If that doesn’t necessarily mean the quality will be there. As usual.

The story remains a mystery at this stage. Still, it’s clear that the film wants to go beyond a simple adaptation to offer an epic adventure. The choice of a diverse and talented cast forms the beginning of the answer. Fans of the game, as well as newcomers, can expect a 2025 release. At least, if there isn’t much delay between now and then.

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