The emotion of Sebastien Heller, hero of the Ivorian coronation, who burst into tears in the arms of Basil Boule

Sebastian Heller scored the winning goal for Ivory Coast in the CAN 2024 final against Nigeria (2-1) this Sunday. Before becoming a hero to all, the attacker has come a long way from being diagnosed and treated for cancer in 2022.

Sebastien Heller, author of the winning goal against Ivory Coast heroes, Nigeria in the CAN 2024 final this Sunday, was seen in tears after the final whistle at Basile Boley’s microphone.

The Elephants striker undoubtedly remembers where he came from, diagnosed with testicular cancer in July 2022, who fought to return to the football field in February 2023, and who offered his country the third CAN in its history a year later. .

“He deserves the country too”

Sebastian Heller in tears at Basil Bolly’s microphone after the CAN final, February 11, 2024. – Screenshot

The Ivory Coast team won their African Cup of Nations final (2-1) against Nigeria this Sunday evening. The Ivorians trailed but eventually held on to convert two of their many chances.

“We dreamed of this moment many times, we hoped to get there. The match was not an easy ride,” Sebastian Heller confided to BeIN Sports afterwards. “The scenes of joy are also worthy of the country and I hope it will do well for everyone. We believed in him until the end, teammates pushed me to stay on the field as long as possible, I thanked. them.” For the enjoyment of the whole people.

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