“That was a really horrible idea…”, the video game released last year cost EA $125 million and they deeply regret it.

Game news “That was a really horrible idea…”, the video game released last year cost EA $125 million and they deeply regret it.


Released just a few months ago, this magical FPS is officially a failure and the developers aren’t shy about saying it.

2023 was a busy year for video games from major studios. Starfield, Baldur’s Gate III, Diablo IV, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Alan Wake II have marked the gaming video industry in recent months. In this regard, it was not easy to benefit from the attention of the players, who were already busy watching one of these video game titles. Unfortunately, this is when the Immortals of Avium were born. According to some developers, it was a very bad time to release their spell-based FPS, which unfortunately didn’t get much attention from players.

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While it’s not a bad game, rated 15/20 on JV, it wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy to grab the attention of players during this period. As a reminder, this is Ascendant Studios’ first title in collaboration with EA Originals, released in late August 2023. The young studio is made up of experienced developers who have notably worked on Bioshock, Call of Duty and Halo.. Following this official failure, Ascendant Studios unfortunately had to part ways with 45% of its team just a month after the game’s release. Recently, the company’s CEO, Brett Robbins, returned to this real video game flop.

"It was a truly terrifying thought..."The video game released last year cost EA $125 million and they are deeply regretting it.

Aveum’s immortal EA costs a lot of money

According to the developers, the release date did not help the game to do well with the players. It was released in the same month as Baldur’s Gate 3 which was the center of attention at the time. although, Brett Robbins Added more details regarding this bitter failure:

Development costs were around $85 million, and I think EA added $40 million for marketing and distribution. Sure, the development team was very talented, but trying to make a AAA single-player shooter in today’s market was a really horrible idea, especially since it was a new intellectual property that was also trying to take advantage of Unreal Engine 5. Ultimately, the game turned into a bloated, repetitive, and overly long campaign.

Subsequently, a developer anonymously revealed to IGN that Immortals of Avium has everything to please players: no microtransactions and not having a very long lifespan to complete the game. It also benefited from generally good reviews, but not just sales. Bad timing or bad analysis of the video game market? The reasons for this failure can be multiple. What’s a shame is the dismissal of so many enthusiasts who worked so hard to bring this game to life and the fact that EA Originals risked having little faith in a smaller studio to avoid such a fiasco.

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