Tensions on the Korean Peninsula: Kim Jong-un’s regime fires several cruise missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan

The North Korean regime launched several cruise missiles amid rising tensions with the US and Japan. (Reuters/Kim Hong-ji)

rule of North Korea Several cruise missiles were fired which flew over the water near a critical point Military Shipyard On the east coast of the country, as reported this Sunday by South Korean military By a statement at a time of rising tensions between Pyongyang And Seoul.

He Joint Chiefs of Staff South Korea indicated that “our armed forces detected many Unidentified cruise missiles The shots were fired near the waters around North Korea’s territory Sinpo Today at 08:00.”

However he South Korean military It did not provide specific details about the launch, such as the number of missiles fired, their range, or whether they were launched from land or naval facilities, adding to tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

The action comes days after North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un ordered the launch of several cruise missiles. Yellow SeaDescribing them as the new generation Strategic Cruise Missiles.

During the month, the North increased its weapons tests, including “Underwater nuclear weapons systems” and a hypersonic ballistic missile with solid fuel.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff indicated that the launch was being analyzed by South Korean intelligence officials and USAAnd they are closely monitoring other movements and activities of the regime Pyongyang.

South Korea’s General Staff indicated that the projectiles were fired over waters near the Sinpo region and that it continues to monitor Pyongyang’s other movements and activities. (Europa Press/KIM Jae-Hwan)

Unlike ballistic missiles, cruise missile testing is not prohibited under US sanctions. UN. These missiles are usually jet-powered and fly at lower altitudes than ballistic missiles, making them more difficult to detect and intercept.

Last Thursday, Pyongyang announced that it had conducted the first test of a new generation of strategic cruise missiles, called Pulwasal-3-31.

in reply, United States, South Korea and Japan have intensified their joint military exercises, which Kim Jong-un describes as Rehearsal for invasionand improved their deterrence strategies based on US nuclear-capable assets.

According to North Korea’s propaganda agency KCNAWithout giving details on the number of missiles launched on the occasion, the test was part of “a process of continuous update of the weapon system and a regular and mandatory activity”.

The North Korean regime maintains that it is capable of carrying weapons Nuclear weapons and has a range of up to 2,000 kilometers, which would include US military bases in Japan.

situation in Korean Peninsula Tensions have worsened in recent months, with both sides abandoning key agreements to defuse tensions, beef up their border security and conduct live-fire exercises along the border.

The United States, South Korea and Japan have stepped up their joint military exercises, which Kim Jong-un describes as a rehearsal for an invasion. (Europe Press)

Kim Jong-un recently called the South his “main enemyand dissolved government agencies dedicated to promoting peninsular cooperation and reunification.

It also threatened war if Seoul violated “even 0.001 millimeter” of its territory.

Kim also said his country would not recognize a de facto maritime border with the South and called for constitutional changes that would allow North Korea to “occupy” in war, according to the agency. KCNA.

In Seoul, President Yoon Suk Yeol He told his cabinet that in the event of provocation from the North, his country would respond “many times stronger”, citing the “overwhelming response capabilities” of its military.

During the annual meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea Central Committee in late 2023, Kim threatened a nuclear attack against the South and ordered the strengthening of his country’s military arsenal for a “war” that could “break out at any moment”.

(With information from Europa Press and AFP)

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