Studying MIR with friends, a recipe for increased concentration

The weather doesn’t skip a day, and the timers for January 20 are approaching zero. Along with this, for about 14,000 candidates MIR 2024 They are immersed in the final stages of studying for an exam that, if all goes well, will change the course of their lives forever.

This is the situation in which Blanca finds herself, who began to prepare for the test. Special Health Training (FSE) Last June, after graduating in medicine. He wanted to look back to preview these months and tell us what his impressions were the week before the due date.

Worst moments while studying MIR

The road is long and not quite easy. He admits that has happened many times A “negative loop” has entered Obsessive thoughts: “My God, I’m doing terrible, I have to repeat MIR, I don’t like it,” she said to herself in the worst moments. “I think that Never been so bad in my life Regarding studies. When you fail, your results get worse as a result: you study worse and the simulation gets worse,” he says.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had such a bad time in my life in terms of studying. When you fail, your results get worse: you study worse and the simulations get worse.”

He doesn’t hesitate for a second when he says it It was most critical during November and December. The penultimate month of the year was a reason Immobility and depression For him, because “much time had passed, but there was still much time.” She declares that phase to be the “worst moment” of the entire preparation, because, she remembers, “I was exhausted but at the same time I looked so far away.”

for cumulative fatigue Another important factor adds: the days are shorter and it gets dark earlier. He Change in winter time It had a significant impact moodBecause of the lack of sunlight hours he felt that his study time was ending early.

Study MIR with friends

But in the most difficult moments he always had a shoulder to cry on, or rather, four: of his two Best friends from college, who are also going to give the MIR 2024 exam. In the ‘final sprint’ week they decide to study ‘as a team’, and complement each other. “We all go together, loud, because this time we We are so tired that it is good to be with someone He pulled you in when you became autocratic, and vice versa,” he says.

“My friends and I go through everything together, loudly, because at this time, when we’re so tired, it’s good to have someone who pulls you along when you’ve lost motivation and vice versa.”

And these moments so close to the exam are a veritable ‘long-distance race’ for her which she would not have had the strength for if it weren’t for her friends. Since he started the last round, after Christmas Day, he recognizes that self-care time has “disappeared”, and the moments before bed have dwindled. “I don’t do anything and I practically don’t go out, because I think that In this lap you have to push ‘full’“He explains. He sees these last few days as an opportunity Clarify all the concepts that resist you And clarify them. “It’s a month that goes by quickly and “The prize is the most important thing.”It assures.

Sacrifice has also been significant during this week of celebration, because even though your academy has Christmas and New Year holidays, the rest of the days “you see how your family and friends get together, do things, and you can’t. is,” he tells us. But it rarely takes him long to remember his goal, because he always keeps in mind that “it’s only one year, and pass it by as happily as possible.”

Medical Vs. Surgical specialty

When it comes to assigning a position, you have a wide but defined range of possibilities in your choices. “All I know is that I want to A medical specialty, and not a surgical one“, she says in a clear and forceful tone. It’s a relief for her to have so many options in mind, because “it doesn’t pigeonhole you” and therefore, there are “less chances of retaking the exam”. Similarly, focus on the present. Time to do and give your best in studies.

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