Steve Jobs, the legendary CEO of Apple, had a very unique recruiting technique: he would take candidates to a bar for tests with a beer in hand.

JVTech News Steve Jobs, the legendary CEO of Apple, had a very unique recruiting technique: he would take candidates to a bar for tests with a beer in hand.


For those of you who have done complex, tedious and boring interviews, you may be surprised to learn that the way Steve Jobs conducted his interviews seemed particularly fun: a good pint in the sun, we say no.

Steve Jobs: Job interview over drinks

Apple wasn’t always the powerful company it is today. Created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the 70s, it experienced ups and downs, until one of the “lows” pushed Jobs to the exit. After many years of trouble, Steve was reinstated as CEO in 1997 and things went from strength to strength.

But to create something great, only one man is not enough, but able to work together with competent teams. Steve Jobs was known for his high standards, and he was logically keen to hire the right people. To do this, he had a specific idea in mind of the profiles he was looking for, but there was a problem.

For many people, a job interview is a time when you dress up as the perfect Mr. or Mrs. and where you don’t show your true personality. A way to present yourself in your best colors, but a habit Steve didn’t appreciate. This is understandable, but how can we prevent this? Steve Wozniak, Steve Wozniak, a lifelong friend of Jobs, said that his partner Two very specific methods:

  • Ask yourself the following question: Do I want to go have a beer with this guy? Can I talk to him gently, will I be comfortable? This allows you to understand if the person is made to join the team.
  • The second way is much more concrete: Have a beer with the candidate, for good. Indeed, placed on the terrace with a moss, there is a great chance that we will find ourselves relaxed and more open to real discussion. With this method, Jobs was able to carefully select his potential employees.

This particular way of interviewing was met with the types of questions asked by Steve Jobs. Here, there are no general questions such as pros or cons, but we call it “What did you do during summer vacation?” Replace with, or “When was the last time you did something you were proud of?” In this way, Steve decided whether the person was viable, more by personality than by any performance during the interview.

Relaxed interview, but sometimes tyrannical boss

iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air, legendary products follow one another, and in the popular consciousness, working at Apple is a privilege, a symbol of success. although, Under Jobs, the days weren’t always entirely peaceful. Between extreme perfectionism and compulsive action, all was not rosy.

In 2001, while developing the first iPod, Steve Jobs demanded that his engineers work 12 hours a day, every day of the week. He also asked them to skip their vacation. In 2010, during a meeting with Apple executives, Jobs threw a glass of orange juice at an employee who disagreed with him. In short, a colorful character, which divides, but still fascinates today.

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