State of Play PS5: Has Hideo Kojima Revealed PS6 Ambitions? The return of Death Stranding 2 hid a huge surprise!

Game news State of Play PS5: Has Hideo Kojima Revealed PS6 Ambitions? The return of Death Stranding 2 hid a huge surprise!


Last night, Sony held its first State of Play conference of the year. A chance for Hideo Kojima to unveil a long trailer for Death Stranding 2… but also to give us some clues about his upcoming game. Could it be planned for PS6?

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Death Stranding 2, the highlight of State of Play

Undoubtedly the biggest event of the start of the year for Sony and PlayStation 5 fans, The first State of Play of the year was broadcast on the night of January 31 to February 1, 2024. On this occasion, players were able to find a large number of new trailers from the upcoming games to be released on the console. Among them, for example, we found Infernal 2, Stellar Blade, Rise of the Ronin But some such surprises Judas, Sonic X Shadow Generation or else Silent Hill: The Short Message. If you want to read a Complete summary of all conference announcementsWe refer you Our dedicated article.

State of Play PS5: Has Hideo Kojima Revealed PS6 Ambitions?  The return of Death Stranding 2 hid a huge surprise!

But if there was one highlight of the show at the end of this State of Play, it was undoubtedly the trailer for Death Stranding 2: On the Beach. In addition to formalizing its subtitle and returning some iconic characters from Hideo Kojima’s games, this 9 minute trailer There was a chance to be amazed by its beautiful graphics and especially the slick staging. If we unfortunately have to wait until 2025 to be able to get our hands on a Death Stranding sequel, there’s no doubt we’ll have other opportunities to learn more about the game between now and then. For more information about the new Death Stranding 2 trailer, we suggest you read our dedicated article.

Did Hideo Kojima’s cryptic interview tease a future PS6?

Shortly after the release of Death Stranding 2: On the Beach, Hideo Kojima appeared on screen to tell us about his career. It must be said that in just two years, the Japanese creator will celebrate his 40th anniversary in the industry, and he wants to do so thanks to a new, more experimental game. To close State of Play on a mysterious note, Kojima began introducing his future project called PHYSINT.

“PHYSINT (working title)” will be the third and new original license since the creation of Kojima Productions. It is a new “action-spy” game for the next generation. It will be created using the latest technology and talent from around the world from cinema and video games. Sure it will be an interactive “game”, but the graphics, story, theme, cast, style of clothing, sound, etc… all this will be on the next level of “digital entertainment” that can be called a “movie”.

Behind this ultimately cryptic message, Hideo Kojima tells us above all that his next game will be designed for a new generation… and therefore potentially for the PlayStation 6. Given the Japanese creator’s crazy ambitions and the importance he attaches to all the different creative aspects of his games, he has full faith in Sony that the next console will allow him to realize his wildest dreams. During the interview, Kojima also recalled that Sony not only makes games and consoles but also music and cinema. A hint that the PlayStation 6 will be a multimedia tool aimed at moving beyond creative spaces? Only the future will tell us.

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