“Something happened to me coming here”

If we had been told that we would take five points before the match, we would have signed immediately. There was a lot of joy in the locker room, a lot of satisfaction. Winning in Bayonne (Editor’s note: the meeting was transferred to San Sebastian), is not given to everyone. It is very difficult. It’s a huge result that strengthens the collective because we were really consistent. We met each other, we had fun. All this means we are satisfied with this match. We want to be almost next (reception in Toulouse on April 20), even though we have a vacation worth waiting for.

Pierre Mignoni said that this was undoubtedly Toulon’s best match on a tactical level. Do you feel this way too?

Yes. Leaders work with coaches. Beyond strategy, everyone worked for each other. No one spoke. We wanted to work hard, not stop. I don’t know what he looked like on the outside, but honestly, on the inside, he was strong. It’s always easy to debrief after a win, but I’m proud of the team and the state of mind.

You could have collected the bonus much earlier but you calmly continued to collect points. for what

There was discussion during the penalty in 22 meters (56th) but we wanted to make sure we won the match. And we knew there were 25 minutes left to collect the bonus. We felt good. We wanted to win first. There was no question of burning. We know Bayonne. They could come back. We took three points. We ensured victory. There were 25 minutes left to try. It is long, 25 minutes. It’s easy to say after winning a match that we made the right choice but honestly, we built things up patiently even with a 20 point lead. Away, you must always ensure victory.

Toulon was away, but you were at home, in the Basque Country, at the Real Sociedad stadium where you were a season ticket holder when you were younger…

I was on the left, behind the goal. In front of those in the know was Pena Gorka (Editor’s note: it shows areas of the stadium). It did something for me to come here. I love this stadium. La Real is the club I support in Spain. It’s not far from home. It is special to me. I am very proud to play this match here with Toulon. It’s nice to see faces I know, to see people and family again. Actually, it’s nice to be here.

“There was a good mix between pressure, desire to do well and humility. From the airport in Hyeres, there was something, a good energy”

What did you think of Baptiste Serene’s performance?

It brings stability and peace. He is a leader and a leader, an important person in our team and in the collective. He is very talented, no need to talk about it. We trust him, and he trusts us. We can also talk about Ben (White) who played a good thirty minutes on his return last week. We also wanted to put Baptiste in the best possible shape after his shoulder injury. His talent and his work do the rest.

Did you approach this match as a penultimate match?

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