Social leasing: Applause ends at €100 per month for electric cars

Social leasing has worked very well. While the state plans to subsidize 20,000 electric cars, the system has received 90,000 requests since its launch in December 2023.A victim of his own success”, as Roland Lescure pointed out on France 3 in the Dimanche en Politique program on February 11, 2024, at least for 2024, the system is disrupted by the government.

Faced with this situation, the Minister of Industry and Energy confirmed to France 3 that the state will finance 50,000 electric cars instead of the planned 20,000. “We will do it, but we will do it while ensuring a good cadence (sic)”, mentions Roland Lescure. As a reminder, the vehicles eligible for social leasing are all built in Europe, with only one assembled in France.

The minister thus reinforces the words of Christophe Bechu, his colleague in charge of ecological transition, who suggested last January that the government was working with car manufacturers “To see if we can make 30, 35, 40,000 vehicles

It’s going a little faster than we thought. We’ll probably slow down a bit, give ourselves time to French, and then accelerate, accelerate, accelerate …”, adds Roland Lasker. The Minister for Industries and Power hereby appoints the “End of year or beginning of next yearFor concrete information on the future of social leasing.

For information, this system was reserved for French people who drive more than 8,000 km per year or live more than 15 km from their work and had a reference tax income of less than €15,400. Taking the form of a three-year lease with option to purchase (LOA) system, renewable once, social leasing provides access to electric cars at €100 per month for a city car and €150 per month for a family. As a bonus, the state paid the first rent, a barrier to purchase in the most modest households.

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