Robinson Cano expressed himself about Fernando Tetis Jr.

This Dominican Professional Baseball League (LIDOM), is a very interesting development. At this moment, the Round RobinAn instance where every victory counts.

Eastern stars, Tigres del Licey, Leones del Esgido and Gigantes del Cibao, in that order make up the current standings. The first in question is the league champion, with a record of five wins and one loss.

Like high level players Robinson Cano And Fernando Tetis Jris part of the ranks of a group commanded by Fernando Tetis Sr.

Robinson Cano appreciated the talent of Fernando Tetis Jr.

Initially, the first question was based on success Eastern stars And in turn, the reasons why they led the team to victory.

“Well, I attribute that to the great chemistry we have as a team and the way we’re all on the same page. The goal is to win and do our best.”Dominican suggested.

Next, we delved into the topic that addresses sharing with a squad Fernando Tetis Jrwhat Robinson Cano Answered: “Well, what can I tell you, if I remember correctly in 2020 I played with Tetis, which was a pandemic. We played that year, we played an extra game with one of the picks… You can’t talk too much about Tatis, everyone already knows what a great talent, skill and player he is. He has a talent that we all love. He is a phenomenal player, you know what I mean. A man who was a shortstop and now plays right field like it’s the field of a lifetime. He has the bracelet, he runs, he bats, everything.”finish tube Amidst proud laughter.

Like receiving praise from personalities in the baseball world Robinson CanoIt means that the labor wasted on the land is paying off.

Fernando Tetis Jris a highly proven player in Major League Baseball. His year as a right fielder San Diego Padres It was a complete success. To the point of winning a Gold Glove and likewise a Platinum Glove.

2024 continues to hold promise for all the stars who have been working hard since the offseason to reach their peak. In case Tetis JrHe does it with his father and with his team Dominican League.

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