Redondo’s alleged ex-partner speaks ahead of USA tour

Washington, United States.- Alejandra BustilloAlleged ex-partner of National Congress president, Luis RedondoTalked about the recent journey From parliamentarians USA.

In a series of posts on X, formerly Twitter, Bustillo directly confronts Redondo, imploring him to settle. issues It remains between them once and for all. These issues would be related to the support of his alleged daughter.

They condemn Luis Redondo for failing to pay child support for their daughter

Additionally, it mentions the existence of a court order issued since November, which Redondo has ignored.

One of the tweets referred to an alleged trip that the National Congress chief would make to the United States, suggesting that it could be related to the contentious situation between the two.

“There is a judge’s order from November… I hope the trip you are taking here to the USA will fix this… because you already have me to see…”, Bustillo’s post read.

Furthermore, Bustillo publicly challenges Redondo to confront her directly without resorting to a third party and asserts that the parliamentarian is behind several anonymous accounts that may have been used to discredit her.

“You are such a coward that you have to hide behind dirty tricks to discredit me, I dare you to face me, as men show their faces straight. You think posting photos of your daughter’s alleged parents will change the fact that she is yours,” Bustillo says.

“You have many doubts, I have come to take the test, the judge has already issued the order and you ignored it,” he concluded.

Subsequently, Bustillo published a series of photographs of his supposed daughter, defending his position on the matter.

Luis Redondo was captured on a plane bound for the USA

In the pictures you can see Luis Redondo, president of the National Congress, as he travels to the United States.

According to reports, the parliamentarian may have departed from the Palmerola International Airport located in the central region of the country in Comayagua in the morning hours of February 10.

However, the exact purpose of his visit and his agenda during his stay in the United States are still unknown.

In a video recorded by an unidentified person, Redondo is seen in his seat inside the plane, being approached by a young man who is filming him.

The two politely exchange greetings mid-flight.

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