Real Madrid – Almeria: Major refereeing error confirmed, VAR audio has spoken

Since yesterday and since Real Madrid’s comeback against Almeria (3-2), controversy has swirled around the arbitration that was deemed too favorable for the White House during the second period where Carlo Ancelotti’s men reversed the situation. Some controversial decisions changed the course of the match and the Spanish press has been talking about this topic since yesterday.

Rüdiger’s guilt is not examined at all

To shed new light on various situations, the VAR audio was made public to understand Mr. Hernandez Meso’s decisions. A penalty awarded to Real Madrid to get back to 2–1, a goal denied to Almeria for a possible 1–3 and finally a 2–2 goal awarded to Vinicius had he touched the ball with his hand. All this is detailed and not one lesson has escaped criticism. On the penalty that started Madrid’s comeback, the referee and VAR focused only on the arm of the Almeria defender. But no mention of Rudiger’s rude pressure on the same player that led to the foul. Not really enough to allay suspicions.

VAR audio revealed

Penalty to Real Madrid

Hernández Hernández to Mason: “Fran, I’m going to recommend a field check for the arm of the Almeria defender.”

“I elevated you behind the scene so you could see it in context and the division between the players. Now the action is yours, it’s up to you.”

Hernández Maeso: “Perfect… ()… I’m going to play a penalty without a card.”

Goal disallowed in Almeria

Hernandez Hernandez: “Come on, look Fran, I recommend a field check for a possible foul attack in goal action.”

Meso: “Yes, it’s really the beginning (of the attacking phase). So, I’ll call a foul in favor of Real Madrid, disallow the goal and give a yellow card to number 6, the player ‘Almeria’.

Goal from Vinicuis Jr.

VAR: “I recommend a field check so you can see a no-hand, a potential no-hand. Give me a proper reversal. Stop at the point of contact.”

Maeso asks for the point of contact and the VAR clarifies it again: “It touches him on the shoulder. Assess possible foul in the attack… I agree with you and the ball touches the shoulder. Give me a view from above. Another frame . Perfect, he touches it with his shoulder and it’s a valid goal. I’m going to signal a goal, no foul.”

In sum

The match between Real Madrid and Almeria remains controversial, marked by questionable refereeing decisions. VAR audio has been leaked to highlight these key moments. The penalty awarded to Real Madrid, the disallowed goal at Almeria and the controversial Vinicius goal sparked much debate.

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