Rachid Zeroal’s truths about Tifo Bagheraba during OM-PSG

Excludes RMC Sport. The symbolic leader of the Southern winners, Rachid Zeroal, gives his version of the facts, the group that made a tifo in honor of Redouane Bougheraba on Sunday evening during OM-PSG. Making sure the club was aware.

Contacted by RMC Sport this Monday afternoon, Rachid Zeroel reacted to the TFO controversy in honor of Redouane Bouguereba. Bosses at South Winners – the group behind the event – are outraged to hear that OM was not aware of the initiative. He promised to raise the matter with a member of Olympian management, and OM staff even went to Parc Chanot, where the tiffs are usually in preparation.

Zeroual and the winners also believe that there is no commercial motive behind this tifo, only the desire to “keep the spotlight on and lend a helping hand to a successful kid from Marseille, who has always loved OM… and was a loyal subscriber. To the conquerors of the South!”

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Zeroal: “Reading the controversy it sounds like he was with Shisha or it was his head that was in trouble!”

“And since when do we have to account for our tifos?”, Rachid Zeroal snaps. “It’s a place of freedom, the stadium. Redouane is presented with the OM jersey, with the sponsor CMA-CGM, with the Vélodrome… The slogan is the same as on the poster of his show. OM is his manager. The Vélodrome, is the promotion for this club But no?! Reading the controversy it sounds like he was with a hookah or his head was in trouble!”

So this tifo was a way to pay tribute to Redouane Bouguereba, a successful kid from Marseille who makes people laugh, convincing winners, who “don’t understand this stuff.” “An investigation to find out where it comes from?”, laughs Zeroal, extremely upset. “And losing 10 to 11, we don’t talk about it anymore? It’s a joke… We’ve been t-fosing for 37 years and we’ll continue to do it, even if it means disturbing. When we honored the Pope, I got OM and Would have loved to see so many reactions from pseudo-supporters…”

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