PSG: Hanuna appeals to Al-Khelafi live

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PSG: Hanuna appeals to Al-Khelafi live

Published on February 11, 2024 at 9:45 pm

Having a master’s degree in international law, I realized at the end of my university career that it is important to develop in an area you appreciate. Overnight, I decided to put an end to the dream of my parents, who saw in me a future lawyer, to make a living out of my passion: sports. Since then, I’ve covered transfer windows and sports news, trying to keep readers as informed as possible.

Divorce registered between Nasser al-Khelafi and Paris City Hall. The two sides are no longer on speaking terms, forcing PSG’s president to consider a move to the Parc des Princes. A subject that responded to Cyril Hanuna, Ann Hidalgo is not the most outstanding admirer. According to the host, PSG have to distance themselves from it.

So much for that Nasser al-Khelafi. Faced with denialAnne Hidalgo to sell Princess ParkPresident of PSG Stop said. “Now it is very easy to say that the stadium is no longer for sale. We know what we want, we wasted years trying to buy a park. That’s over now, we want to move out of the park! ” Fell Nasser al-Khelafi.

The Hidalgo clan wants to resume dialogue

A statement that sparked reactions in the Hidalgo clan. Some of his deputies took the floor to question the president PSG To renew the dialog. But on the set of TPMP, Cyril Hanuna has forced Al-Khelafi to snub Anne Hidalgo.

“stop with it”

The city of Paris needs you more than you need the city of Paris. Find another stadium of Mara Nasser and stay with him because he will send you into the wall » announced the host.

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