PS5 in GTA 6 colors? It actually exists because of this fan’s crazy work!

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When a big title like Spider-Man on the PlayStation or The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Switch is released, it’s not uncommon to see the consoles in the colors of these games, so the PS4 and PS5 stamped Spidey and Link and the Triforce paying homage to the Switch.

And today, if we are still waiting for the release of GTA 6 which will therefore appear in 2025, a designer has decided to create a special PS5 which therefore uses the codes of the next title. Rockstar Games. The result is incredible!

This designer brings the special GTA 6 PS5 console to life

So it answers under designer nameAlessandro Vincenti who decided to personalize the PS5 console in the colors of the long-awaited GTA 6. For this, he decided to dedicate one of the two sides of the PlayStation to the representation of the logo of the game, then the other side dedicated to the face of one of the protagonists of GTA 6, namely Lucia, that we could find. Trailer last December.

To bring this design to life, our artist was used stencil Palms represent trees, as well The color palette we find in the official artwork of the game, that is to say pink, yellow and blue, to get a landscape similar to this. For Lucia’s face, he also relied on artwork, and it must be said that the end result is simply outstanding. As for the logo, again the same color code, but different stencils to get a recognizable typography “ Grand Theft Auto

At the time of writing, we have absolutely no idea if Rockstar Games is planning to release a collector’s PS5 console, or even an Xbox Series X/S, but we have to admit that it wouldn’t really be a surprise if the studio was getting cracking. Players are buying in large numbers.

Delayed release for GTA 6?

Recently, many rumors revealed that the release of GTA 6 might be delayed. But beware, here, the release of the title will not be delayed for long The game should still appear in the 2025 calendar but not in the calendar for the 2025 fiscal year.Which is very different.

In addition, The CEO of Take-Two Interactive announced that GTA 6 will only be released when it is truly optimized. And perfect. To find out all the details of this latest information, do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated to this topic.

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