Pablo Longoria maddened with rage against Radoune Bogheraba’s tifo

As always, the Orange Velodrome gave a frenzied welcome to the 22 players selected to kick off French football’s Clasico, OM-PSG. Marseille Day broke its attendance record (over 65,000 spectators, editor’s note) and Marseille supporters were setting the mood hoping to spoil Kylian Mbappe’s last Clasico. But just as the Parisians and Olympians were entering the pitch amid a din enhanced by a pyrotechnic show from the southern victors, a tifo placed in the stands surprised more than one.

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Some believed it was a tifo with the image of local celebrity, Mohamed Henny, celebrating Marseille’s victory in the Champions League. But no. Tifo represented Marseille comedian Radouane Bougheraba, with the words “Forever the first”. Why this tifo? It was actually a commercial operation aimed at promoting the show that Bougueraba would give at the Velodrome. Marseille was the first comedian to do so in Den, hence the message “Forever the first”. Apart from that this tifo does not pass.

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OM is leading the investigation

First of all, many observers were upset about this tifo, at a time when this Clasico was being played four years after the death of the much-admired Pep Diouf, the former president of OM. Additionally, a certain Eric Garretts, coach under Diouf, was also in the stands (only to be applauded by the crowd). As you may have understood, many believed that the Velodrome had what it took to pay XXL tributes to the club’s notable figures rather than a publicity stunt for a comedian, however popular he was in the city of Marseille. And OM management did not appreciate it.

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According to RMC Sport, some members of management were completely unaware of this visual project that had been in the making for several weeks. The media also adds that President Pablo Longoria was shocked and very upset that he was not informed about the initiative. The Spaniard also took it as a huge lack of respect for the club and found that the episode made OM look like an unprofessional organization lacking seriousness, especially on the eve of a Clasico. Consequence: OM is currently investigating how this tifo was able to be deployed in the velodrome without the approval of the thinking heads. can continue.

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