“No way to find me”: He uses his games console to win €400,000. Now he is facing the FBI

JVTech News “No way to find me”: He uses his games console to win €400,000. Now he is facing the FBI


This player thought he was the king of the world with his infallible technology, but he didn’t count on the self-sacrifice of the FBI.

A $400,000 scam

Every now and then the weirdest stories emerge in the world of tech and gaming, and one of them was recently captured by an investor who raised over $400,000 using an Xbox 360. The Verge, Anthony Viggiano, 26, used confidential information from Goldman Sachs, a well-known investment bank, to find out when and what to invest with his friends.. The player and his teammates communicated through various channels, from email to Instagram messages. However, when they decided to buy, They used Xbox 360 voice chat to leave no trace of their conversation.

In addition to maintaining contact on social media, Anthony Viggiano used encrypted messaging to alert them to investment opportunities. Regarding Microsoft’s console voice chat, he noted that there was none since “There’s no way to find it”, It was the ideal method to avoid detection. This romance can only remind of the time when The creator of Sonic almost went to jail For stealing insider information to buy stock.

The FBI has a nose in this matter

As we already mentioned, Anthony Vigiano was not the only one involved in this case, as he, along with Christopher Salamone and Stephen Forlano, are under investigation by the FBI. The FBI accuses him, surprisingly, of insider trading and of making the decision to acquire Channel Advisor.. ChannelAdvisor provides e-commerce and digital marketing solutions to help businesses sell their products online.

Photo Credit: Jose Castillo (Unsplash)

Additionally, the FBI has no way to retrieve Xbox 360 voice chat audio. It seems that such a communication channel still exists, but, surprisingly, Microsoft keeps the service active for certain games. If all of the above is confirmed, it would be really strange, even funny, if they reached an agreement through the chat of an almost 20-year-old console..

For Microsoft, The tech giant plans to shut down the Xbox 360 online store in July 2024. If you still have your 360 and want to buy a game that’s only accessible from its store, it’s best to do it as soon as possible. At this point, it is unclear whether the company will also stop providing voice communication service.

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