Nicoise’s fury over Clément Turpin’s refereeing during OL-Nice

Jean-Pierre Riviere and all of OGC Nice were upset with the refereeing decisions made by Clement Turpin this Friday during the defeat against Lyon (1-0). The gym president demands an explanation.

A necklace that goes badly. Or rather, the decisions made by Clément Turpin this Friday during Lyon’s win against OGC Nice at the start of the 22nd day of Ligue 1 (1-0). It was apparently too much for Jean-Pierre Rivére, who wanted to speak to the French referee at the final whistle as he returned to the locker room. “That’s two matches in a row,” complained the gym president.

>> Again OL-Nice (1-0)

“Mr Turpin should question himself”

On Prime Video’s microphone, Jean-Pierre Rivière had a lot to say about the referee’s performance in the match. “I’m not used to speaking at the end of a match, especially about the refereeing body. But honestly, it’s not possible anymore. I’m not just talking about tonight, it’s accumulating. There are fouls that aren’t called properly. Last weekend , Mr Turpin was on VAR, the field referee doesn’t whistle anything on a foul. Mr Turpin at VAR asks for a red card (from Dante), when you play ten against eleven, the match changes. This (Friday) evening, I understand No. I see a slow pace and there are at least two penalties for me. On the hand (of Caqueret), he explains the rules to Florent Ghisolfi. We put him aside. In the middle of the elbow surface, he whistles the opposite foul on Lotomba… I see the images, Mr Turpin must question himself (…) At the end of the match when I go to talk to him, he tells me ‘don’t touch me, don’t point at me’. But Mr Turpin, I am your Talking to. He’s an arrogant guy. He’s untouchable but there, he’s okay. Accumulated. We think what to do.”

Endorsing the images, the Nice president dissected the controversial actions, before adding a layer to the mixed zone. “You know I never talk about the referee at the end of the match. I’ve been president for 13 years, I don’t think that’s ever happened to me. It’s very difficult to be a referee, even if it’s normal to make mistakes, we all make mistakes. We do. But sometimes it accumulates. It’s a lot of matches where we have a lot of referee errors. It’s normal for referees to make mistakes, but VAR. What does that mean?! Mr. Turpin is probably untouchable, Maybe we can’t discuss his decisions… When I go to see him at the end of the match, I want to talk to him and he tells me ‘Don’t touch me, don’t touch me, don’t point at me. “… At some point it has to come down. The stakes are high. Everyone can make mistakes, I understand that. But we have VAR, what is it for? It’s not just this match. When Mr. Turpin (who (was on VAR) in the last match when Dante brought us (red card against Monaco, editor’s note), the referee said nothing, Monaco won, very well. When I found out that I had Mr. Turpin as referee this evening, I was a little am worried An intuition maybe… we’re not bad losers but at some point we have to say pause.”

Jim’s ironic tweet

On X (formerly Twitter), general director Fabrice Boquet condemned “inappropriate refereeing” on the part of Clément Turpin. “This has been going on for several matches and must stop,” he wrote.

A sentiment shared by Marcin Bulka. “The referees… those are two matches where the decisions have not been 100% fair. We could have done a lot better with VAR. There were many occasions where we could have at least used VAR to make the decision. Fair decision, OGCN in the mixed zone. Condemned the goalkeeper. There is added time too. The referee gives three minutes when the opposing goalkeeper misses at least five minutes and with the changes that were made we only add three minutes… It’s a bit strange, I need an explanation We continue with another match during which the decisions are not fair, the same referee is in it (Turpin)… With VAR, we can make a little more fair decisions, we have more time, that’s why they did VAR. .I don’t understand why we can’t take 30 seconds more. It’s not an excuse but it’s another case that has been added. Refereeing is important, it can change the match too. We’re not looking for anyone. In refereeing. Excuses, even if they are scandalous.”

The icing on the cake, the Riviera club brought out the front page of L’Équipe dating from September 13, 2008, when Gim lost 3-2 on a penalty from Karim Benzema in the last seconds after leading 2-0. “Here is the front page of L’Équipe for Saturday February 17, 2024,” writes OGCN coldly.

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