New York signed Harrison Bader to 2 years

Movement between players and teams continues in the current MLB 2024 offseason. Each of the 30 franchises try to keep the best on the market and raise their hopes for the next campaign in the best baseball in the world. “The Big Apple” was the last time to announce a new movement. New York Mets.

Harrison Bader to the New York Mets

A new part of New York Mets He recorded an offensive line of .232/.274/.622 in 2023. He hit seven home runs, 40 RBIs and another 44 runs scored. The outfielder also stole 20 bases last season. He averaged .243/.310/.706 over his entire Major League Baseball career. In addition, he has 59 home runs, 217 RBI and 273 runs scored.

A new opportunity for law in New York?

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