New threat from Kim Jong-un: He asked North Korea to increase production of missile launchers

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, with his daughter Kim Ju Ae, at a military vehicle production plant (REUTERS)

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un asked to increase production of some Missile Launch VehiclesIn order to call it an important task get ready For “military confrontation”. With the enemy, North Korean media reported on Friday.

In a visit to the Missile Launch Vehicle (TEL) factory, Kim said the production of various strategic and tactical weapon launchers was a key task. Strengthening the country’s nuclear deterrentState news agency reports KCNA.

“Emphasizing that the position and role of the factory is very important … in view of the critical prevailing situation which requires the country to be more firmly prepared for military confrontation with the enemy, he indicated the tasks that the factory should fulfill.” said KCNA.

The White House said Thursday that the state media report came hours after North Korea recently provided Russia with ballistic missiles and launchers to be used in Moscow’s war against Ukraine, some of which Russia has already fired.

Kim Jong-un watches the launch of the Hwasong-18 intercontinental ballistic missile during what North Korea says is a drill at an undisclosed location on December 18, 2023 in this photo released by KCNA (REUTERS).

Washington has for months accused Pyongyang of supplying military hardware to Moscow in exchange for Russian technical assistance to help the North advance its military capabilities. North Korea has denied transferring weapons to Moscow.

During a party meeting last week, Kim ordered his country’s military, munitions industry and nuclear weapons sector to step up preparations for war, as According to him, American policy was making war inevitable.

“(Kim) mentioned the immediate plan, long-term production plan and production capacity work for the production of TEL varieties,” he said. KCNA.

Kim Jong-un inspects the Pukjung machinery complex and a major weapons factory at an undisclosed location in North Korea (Reuters)

Last Monday, according to state media, Kim Jong-un also said his army should “Completely destroy” the United States and South Korea if provoked.

The North Korean regime has stepped up its tough rhetoric in recent months in response to expanded military maneuvers between Washington and Seoul. Experts point out that they will continue to increase their rhetoric and weapons tests because they may believe that they can take advantage of the increase in tensions to extract concessions from the United States if former President Donald Trump returns to the White House in November’s presidential election.

In a meeting with military officials on Sunday, Kim said it was urgent Sharpen the “precious sword” to protect national security, in clear reference to Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program. He referred to “military confrontation movements of the United States and other hostile forces”. KCNA.

Kim Jong-un (REUTERS) during a meeting with commanders of the Korean People’s Army, at the party’s Central Committee headquarters in Pyongyang, North Korea.

At a Workers’ Party meeting, Kim described South Korea as a “hemiplegic malformation and subordinate colonial state” whose society was “tainted by Yankee culture”. Additionally, he noted that his military should use all means at its disposal, including a nuclear arsenal, to “suppress all South Korean territory” in the event of a conflict.

Experts say there could be a small-scale military clash between the North and the South on their military border this year. Additionally, they indicated that Pyongyang is expected to test intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach US territory and other critical weapons.

Kim Jong-un attends an event with students to celebrate the New Year in Pyongyang, North Korea, in this Jan. 2, 2024 photo released by KCNA (REUTERS)

Since last year, Pyongyang has launched more than 100 missile tests, That led Washington and Seoul to further strengthen their joint military maneuvers. The North has also sought to strengthen its ties with China and Russia, which blocked efforts by the United States and its allies at the United Nations Security Council to tighten sanctions against it on weapons tests.

Estimates of the size of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal range from 20 or 30 bombs to more than 100. Many foreign experts point out that Pyongyang still has to overcome some technical hurdles to build operational nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles, although short-range nuclear missiles can reach South Korea and Japan.

(With information from AP and Reuters)

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