National 2 – The match between Cognac and Limoges is subject to strong tension between coach Adrian Buonnato and vice-president Romain Detre.

On the sidelines of the National 2 meeting between Cognac and Limoges, a heated brawl between Limoges manager Romain Detre and Cognac coach Adrien Buonnato disrupted the match, with the Limoges club winning at the last minute.

“It’s a magnificent guignol, an abominable spectacle”. Cognac coach Adrien Buonato told Limoges (37-34). But the former Oyonnax and Limoges coach does not refer to Sunday’s meeting in Charente in his comments, but to the atmosphere surrounding the latter. In the comments reported by our colleagues from Free CharenteHe describes an alleged heated altercation at half-time of a match with Limoges vice-president Romain Detre. “We come out of the hallway, he comes to me and says: “Well in the second half, I hope we fuck you well”. I won’t let this go.” Says the coach, who allegedly grabbed the manager by the collar, Detre claimed to have received a punch from Buonato. The tension surrounding this Nationale 2 match was at its peak, especially as the first leg was already marked by general infighting between the players.

It is not very prestigious

“Then he came over the handrail to do the circusTrusts Buonato again. It is a magnificent guignol, an abominable spectacle. He is not an average supporter, he is a leader, a person to be emulated. Limoges has a very good team, but not very worthy. I don’t know if players will recognize themselves in this kind of behavior for a long time. If on the field, the Limoges players went for a precious victory after leading for a good part of the match, the attitude of the man who wanted to buy Olympique Biarritz a few months ago was also condemned by USC president Jean. -Charles Wickard. “Roman (detray), We know it. Someone who needs to shake things upIt presents in La Charente Libre. This abundant side is harmful. You have two ways to explain why you are undertaking a project. Either you do it because you want to defend your territory, youth, training. Either you do it for your ego, because you need an image. What we saw was probably an ego that needed to be satisfied. I’m not there.”

Cognac coach Adrien Buononato, here with Angoulême in 2019.

Cognac coach Adrien Buononato, here with Angoulême in 2019.

After the failure of BO, Romain Détré joined the board of directors of USA Limoges late last year. in the newspaper People at the centerHe explained that he had returned to her “Heart Club” Yet without desire “turn everything upside down” But “Bring the living forces together”. The same daily which argues that Detre’s comments and his behavior were reported in writing by the referee, but also that the Limoges club filed a complaint for an attack on the physical integrity of its leader at half time of the encounter.

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