Nantes wrote to the technical directorate of refereeing after Arre Comart’s injury

The injury to Eray Cömert against Reims and the decision of Mr. Pignard not to allow Mohamed Darami, the author of the sole on the Swiss defender, did not make it to Nantes.

The day after his press release that the club regretted “A la Carte Arbitration”, FCN has written to the Technical Direction of Arbitration seeking clarification. In its letter, the club recalls that its striker Benny Traore was sent off on January 14 before receiving a three-match suspension for a similar offense with lesser results for Clermontois’ Habib Keita.

“The club regrets what it considers unfair treatment in recent weeks linked to a lack of uniformity in refereeing decisions”.

Extract from FC Nantes’ letter sent to DTA

“The health of the players and the protection of their physical integrity must be a priority for everyone and we unfortunately cannot accept the explanation given by Mr. Pignard to justify the absence of the card after this action, Underlines the FCN. More generally, and as outlined in our press release, the Club regrets what it considers to be unfair treatment associated with a lack of uniformity in arbitration decisions in recent weeks, which has affected our team’s results at a critical period. This succession of inconsistent arbitration decisions leads us to request clarification for our next meetings. »

In addition to the Commerce case, FCN also highlights two penalty misses against Clermont, followed by another against Laval (0-1) in the Coupe de France.


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