“My prevention report”: basis, questionnaire, doctor… We explain how it works

My prevention assessment is a somewhat specialized “wellness” consultation. Its ambition, and not least, is to promote the identification of risk factors and to encourage the French to become actors in their health, adapting their behavior accordingly.

From spring 2024, those concerned will receive an invitation by email from the health insurance. We tell you everything.

My prevention assessment involves a 30 to 45 minute consultation with a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or midwife. The aim is to assess the patient’s health risks at four key life ages (18-25, 45-50, 60-65 and 70-75 years).

At the end of the consultation, the healthcare professional develops a Personal Prevention Plan (PPP). This is added to the patient’s shared medical file and sent to the attending physician, if not the person conducting the consultation.

for what

The idea for this prevention consultation is based on an observation: according to the World Health Organization (WHO), chronic diseases are the leading cause of mortality in the world. In Europe, they contribute to about 86% of deaths.

This includes identifying poor health habits at the individual level, conducting screening and vaccination reminders, and taking stock of one’s environment. The aim is to put all the odds in our favor against diseases like diabetes or even cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.

by whom

Prevention reports will be available as early as 2024 to doctors, midwives, nurses and pharmacists who volunteer. Because the participation of health professionals is based on volunteering, 30 euros are paid in mainland France and 31.50 euros in foreign departments and regions. It cannot be crossed in any way.

Directory of health professionals authorized to conduct prevention assessments

What topics are covered during my prevention report?

By participating in your My Prevention Report meeting, you give yourself the opportunity to identify and prevent certain diseases (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, etc.) or loss of autonomy and, in general, to improve your health.

Following matters are discussed during these meetings.

  • personal and family medical history;
  • behavioral and lifestyle habits (diet, physical activity and sedentary lifestyle, addictions and hazardous uses, etc.);
  • health pathway (up-to-date vaccinations, oral health care, weight changes, menopause, etc.);
  • Mental and social well-being (sleep, emotional and friendship life, sexuality, caregiver status, working conditions, recognition of situations of violence, abuse, isolation, etc.), etc.

How does it work?

  1. You prepare my prevention report by answering a self-questionnaire.

Before or during the appointment, a self-questionnaire, depending on your age, will allow you to take a first look at your lifestyle habits and your health priorities. It is possible to complete this self-questionnaire on My Health Space.

  1. You make an appointment with a healthcare professional of your choice.

Prevention assessments can be carried out by doctors (and especially your GP), nurses, pharmacists and midwives. If you already know a health professional, you can make an appointment that is a preventive assessment, as the assessment period is longer than a traditional consultation.

  1. At your own pace, you’ll benefit from personalized advice on adopting lifestyle habits that are more conducive to my health.

For 30 to 45 minutes, you discuss your lifestyle habits with a healthcare professional to determine your health priorities together. This involves identifying individual risks and prioritizing one or two “prevention” topics on which to focus efforts.

  1. You complete your individual prevention plan with a healthcare professional and, if follow-up is needed, they direct you to appropriate professionals or facilities.

If an illness is not monitored or known and undiagnosed during this prevention assessment, you are referred directly to a doctor (preferably your GP).

How much does it cost?

Prevention assessment at a prime age of life is 100% covered by health insurance for all socially insured persons, with no upfront cost. Only one prevention assessment can be conducted per age group.

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