MW3 players decry the “atrocious” spawns that keep getting worse

Ludovic Quinson

Modern Warfare 3 players are once again criticizing the game, with many decrying the “atrocious spawns” that continue to get worse.

Since its launch in late 2023, Modern Warfare 3 has received its fair share of criticism. The developers then took community feedback into account and made various changes, but it seems that the game’s spans continue to deteriorate over time.

In a Reddit post on January 22, a player started a discussion about Modern Warfare 3 spawns.

While this criticism is not new, players claim that this element of gameplay is getting worse.

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MW3 players claim that “atrocious” spawns are getting worse

Spawn has become tyrannical” wrote ragingseaturtle. “Seriously, I don’t understand what changed, but it got a lot worse. I constantly blow on the other team or the other team spawns on me. What is this ?

Then he added: “I’ve never seen a game degrade so easily and with every update like this. It is incredible.

In the responses, many other players expressed their agreement on this major flaw of MW3. “It’s really crazy. I don’t recall it ever happening in any other CoD” says another player.

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Yes, it is ridiculously stupid” wrote another, while others claim that spawn is the worst part of the game.”It makes no sense. This is literally the worst part of the game for me.

Despite the significant changes the developers have already made in recent patches, such as disabling some killstreaks near spawns, it’s clear that players want even more changes.

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